I help leaders and teams self-organize and collaborate heart-to-heart.


Hours I studied personal development, psychology, mindset, masterminding, philosophy, creativity, business, consciousness and organizations.


Personal meaningful conversations with leaders and entrepreneurs like yourself.


Mastermind sessions I've facilitated with purpose-driven professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs. Learning to tap into the wisdom of groups.


Living lab I co-founded, called Gaianet. We practice self-organization and heart-to-heart collaboration. An ongoing experiment of volunteering professionals to shape the ultimate purpose-driven organization.

The way of the heart

Are you on a path of living your most beautiful, authentic, positive, impactful life? Then see me as your trusted advisor, with the sole intention to help you shine. As an INFJ type, that's what I'm here for. Everything we discuss stays between us, and every moment we interact I act as a trusted team mate in support of your personal or team's intentions.

My greatest lesson on my own path is that I am not alone. I wasted many years figuring things out alone, and still today I do so too often. But I realized that everybody loves to help you when your mission is pure! As long as they know how.

So here's my question to you:

Do you ask for help enough?

Do you set boundaries and communicate tensions?

Do you integrate multiple perspectives into your strategies?

A fresh perspective is worth 80 IQ points, but we are so used to doing things by ourselves that we haven't barely started tapping into the power of doing things together.

I am here to facilitate meaningful interactions. Help leaders and teams communicate effectively, find new strategies, make better decisions and grow healthier relationships.

I work with individual leaders - if they inspire me and have a high positive impact potential. I also work with leadership teams. Continue reading to see which support I can offer.

Resources for you

On my journey I mastered some skills which not many people teach, so I decided to pass them on. Here you find a collection of courses and solutions I designed over the past years.

This is all original content aligned with the deepest wisdom and the best practices I studied. Always simple and practical so that you can implement it in your everyday experience.

Online course: Masterminding 101

People asked me to share what I learned about masterminding and this is the result: a simple, yet dense and intense introduction into the art of masterminding.

- How we can reach higher insights and deeper truths by putting our minds together (in a spirit of harmony with a clear purpose)

- Which questions to ask and how to help them share their truth?

- How to speak to yourself for more positive thoughts and ideas?

- Basically: how to have better conversations and build meaningful relationships everywhere you go?

In this course I share my best knowledge, tips, tools, techniques and cover the areas of masterminding inside yourself, masterminding 1-1, masterminding in groups and facilitating mastermind groups.

Book: Weg met Stress op Kantoor

Sorry my international friends, my book "No More Stress in the Office" is currently only available in Dutch.

A simple, clear method to stay in control of your workload, supported by recognizable work-life examples and countless productivity hacks.

Everybody who works in an office or a large organization deals with the challenges of emails, colleagues, priorities, meetings and emergencies. How do you manage all of this, yet stay stress-free?

I figured out a simple method when I was overwhelmed in corporate life. It helped me get back on top and get better results with less hours than any of the other managers.

Online course: Stress-Free Work System

The first time I got in video! Watching these videos makes me cringe on the one hand, when I see how stiff the old me moves and how rigid the old me thinks. Yet every time I also get goosebumps when I hear the depth and truth in the words.

Every hard-working professional who is looking for more structure, just follow the steps in this program and you'll be fully in control of your life and work before you realize it.

This self-help program takes you by the hand step-by-step to:

- Keep overview of your workload (make a perfect to-do list)

- Prioritize and plan your days

- Delegate more effectively

- Turn complaints into compliments

- Have more effective meetings

- Balance action and recovery

- Increase your emotional awareness (recognize ego vs. spirit)

Podcast: The Influential Executive

When I got obsessed with leadership and influence, my ex-wife Lenka and I decided to interview experts from all over the globe.

Get inspired by these 55 free podcast interviews, where we harvest practical wisdom with influential leadership thinkers and purpose-driven entrepreneurs.

Gaianet: the New Earth Living Lab

As a practical idealist I believe in a world where everybody is free and fulfills there purpose by leveraging their unique talents.

A world where we live in harmony with each other and with nature. Every human is a sovereign individual and has their basic needs fulfilled by default.

I know that when together redesign the way humanity operates, starting with the way we collaborate, it is possible to create heaven on Earth (or at least take a few steps in that direction).

Gaianet is where we grow the roots of a New Earth. Heart-driven professionals come together to support each other's projects and reconnect with soul family. We connect and unite heart-conscious professionals and project leaders who want to actively build a regenerative society.

Our team of volunteering professionals each stewards their "own piece of Gaianet". We practice conscious collaboration techniques in a non-hierarchical, transparent environment. Think of skills such as spaceholding, facilitating, voicing tensions, non-violent communication, proposal-based thinking, consent-based decision-making, constructive feedback, speaking from the heart, etc.

Interested to join the New Earth movement? Continue to explore Gaianet's vision and mission.

Personal Support

The real magic is in the personal connection. When we you and I put our minds together, magic happens. My Gaianet team mates utilize me as their "next step guru" (their words, not mine), the person you call when you are stuck or need clarity. Every single time these conversations lead to clarity and newfound insight. Because all I do is be present, offer space, help you set your thoughts straight and maybe add a little piece of insight here and there.

If you would like to get in touch, please contact me, share your needs and ideas and we take it from there.

Sparring Session (1-1 Masterminding)

What's on your mind right now? Which challenges keep you awake? Which goals fuel your excitement?

By putting our minds together for one hour we can save you months of work. Two always see more than one, and my purpose is to help you gain clarity about your needs, desires and vision, find confidence and empowerment and generate practical and exciting next steps.

I listen, ask questions, hold space and give suggestions. Together we explore the tensions you hold and see how the puzzle pieces fit together. I help create new alternatives with my large trusted network and my experience of 1000+ similar conversations with heart-driven beings just like you.

If we meet in person, I can use physical tests to find out your hard-wired MBTI personality type. With this blueprint, we gain new insight about your body-mind design, your strengths, needs, etc.

One conversation typically gives you enough to work on for 1-3 months, but I'll remain available to support via instant messaging. Send me an email if you are interested so we can discover how I can potentially help.

Leadership Team Alignment

Teamwork is a superpower, for those who decide to master it.

Team flow is the goal, and continuous magic flows from there. Want to practice this new game and really lift your teamwork skills to the next level together?

How can we create optimal freedom, role alignment and sovereignty for each team member, yet stay aligned as a team and leverage each other in our creation process?

Depending on your needs, we can define which steps we can take to create alignment in your team. Practice heart collaboration skills such as consent-based decision-making, clear agreements. Safe meeting containers, with different formats for different purposes. Learning to speak out tensions, practicing non-violent communication, taking nothing personally. Embracing tensions as a driver for progress.

Team Day: Discover Your Talents

In-person "Discover your Talents" team days in the Netherlands. New science is applied in pro sports to know athletes' hard-wired strengths. Physical tests to test their MBTI personality type and thereby understand their unique pathway to getting in a flow state.

Now, this knowledge is available to purpose-driven leadership teams (also athletes as far as I'm concerned). Knowing our types, we know where we each fit in, what our strengths are, what we need, what makes us stressed and how to get out of it. This is different for everybody! There are 16 types and understanding your blueprint and that of your team mates puts everything in perspective.

For example: ESTPs are typical entrepreneurs who can hardly sit still. They can come across strong and hurt people's feelings, but they don't mean it bad, they just operate by logic and look for continuous progress and tangible output.

And then for example INFJ types like me are ideal counsellors because of the introverted intuition and ability to empathize. Sometimes unrealistic or dreamy, but always a source of new perspective and insights.

Are you starting to see why it is crucial to understand your team mates' design? Imagine receiving a user manual which explains you exactly who each team member is and how to deal with him/her. Great for both compassion and understanding and for plain simple getting stuff done.

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