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How to Live (and Work) on Purpose

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Hi, I'm Alexander Keehnen

I'm a (millennial) manager turned entrepreneur, team leader coach, international speaker and author.

People call me "The Stress-Free Manager".


It is my mission to elevate purpose-driven leaders. To help them scale faster so they make a bigger positive impact on the world faster. My strengths are in people management and operational excellence. I coach high performers and design systems so that the best long-term results are achieved with minimum effort.

When I was 24, I was an overloaded corporate team leader, working 11-hour days and managing a team of 18 people in a very turbulent environment. I decided I don't want to work like that for the next 40 years, so I committed to studying the great minds of Stephen Covey, Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Napoleon Hill and David Allen.

The office was my laboratory and I experimented with everything I learned. Soon I discovered a simple work method and within three months I found myself back in the driver's seat: I was the only manager who didn't need overtime, getting the highest performance reviews, two more promotions and I even received two Best Leader awards.

I became obsessed with getting more with less effort and what and over the past 10 years I spent well over 15,000 hours studying the success principles from my "mentors". Today I share my "Stress-Free Work System" with team leaders who are committed to growth.

In 2014 I wrote and self-published the book "Get Rid of Stress at the Office",  which we translated into the "How to Work Stress-Free" productivity course. In 2017 I founded Earn More Work Less, in 2018 I founded the Worldwide Influencer Network and in 2019 I am launching the W.I.N. Mastermind for purpose-driven entrepreneurs.

And more than anything I do or create: my priority is and will always be my own personal development. I keep on developing and pass on what I learned. Will you join me and together reach for the stars?

Take Control of Your Destiny

Some of Alexander's clients:

"The lessons from Alexander are valuable for every knowledge worker. Everybody will learn a lot from the way how Alexander approaches work without having to experience stress.

The biggest charm I find the personal style of Alexander. He speaks from his own experience and shares these experiences as openly as possible."

Ruben van der Laan, Change Coach

"Alexander is one of the few that is gifted with a natural potential, yet still managed to exceed my expectations when I witnessed his development over the last 10 years. He is a go-getter, that works stategically and pragmatically to make things happen. I admire his holistic approach and have great trust in his business views. I strongly recommend his work and would cooperate with him again in a heartbeat!"

Babke Schepers,

HR Professional

"Alexander is the most inspiring manager, the best motivational speaker, and the best personal consultant I have ever witnessed."

Jonathan Fernande, Senior Business Consultant

What other people say about Alexander

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