Strategic thinking, personality profiling, teamwork, self-organization, constructive communication, meeting facilitation.


Hours personal development studies: psychology, mindset, communication, personality profiling, philosophy, creativity, business, consciousness and organizations.


Deep personal meaningful conversations with leaders and entrepreneurs like you, with similar goals, needs and challenges.


Mastermind sessions I've facilitated with purpose-driven professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs. Facilitate soul space where we reach our highest thoughts and deepest insights.


Living lab I co-founded, called Gaianet. We practice self-organization and heart-to-heart collaboration. An ongoing experiment of volunteering professionals to shape the ultimate purpose-driven organization.

Stop doing it all by yourself

If you are somewhat like the last 1000 leaders and entrepreneurs I spoke with, you probably have a tendency to solve things on your own.

But all you have is your own perspective.

When you involve people you trust in your thought process, you always gain clarity.

So whatever is on your mind right now...

- Am important choice to make

- Personal tensions

- Organizational challenges

- Stress

Talk about it with people you trust.

Two minds always know more than one. When we dare to be vulnerable, voice our tensions and ask for fresh perspectives, we always gain clarity and confidence.

How we find your flow

I am all about 1) meaningful conversations and 2) practical tools.

Simple, down-to-earth, yet aligned with the deepest spiritual values and latest scientific knowledge.

With these skills in my toolbelt, I help you communicate smarter, find new strategies, make better decisions and grow healthier relationships.

I both work with individual leaders and with leadership teams.

My greatest superpower is my empathy. When I'm with you, I get fully absorbed in your world. Together we solve whichever puzzle is on your mind. I listen objectively, ask question, aim to understand your tension, clarify your needs and brainstorm new options. Because I've had over a thousand similar conversations, I can usually offer very specific tools, insights, tips, solutions, connections and ideas.

For me it is a game, infinitely fascinating and the most fun challenge to find your best route together. I give you an objective perspective, a safe and friendly brainstorming environment, a simple and relaxed way to gain clarity where you need it most.

In the video below, Simone (entrepreneur, founder of All is Within) describes how she experienced our little chat:

Personalized Support

The real magic is in the personal connection. When we you and I put our minds together, we see new solutions, opportunities and connections which you'd have never spotted alone.

My Gaianet team mates use me as their "next step guru" (their words, not mine ;) ), the person you call when you are stuck or need clarity. Every-single-time these conversations lead to powerful new insights. Simply because I offer the space to help you set your thoughts straight and add relevant insights from my past experience.

If you would like to get in touch, please contact me and share your needs.

1-1 Sparring Session

What's on your mind right now? Which challenges keep you awake?

Two always see more than one, and my sole intention is to help you gain clarity about your needs, desires and vision, find confidence and empowerment and generate practical and exciting next steps.

I listen, ask questions, hold space and give suggestions. Together we investigate your tensions, clarify your needs and generate ways to achieve your goals. I share all my knowledge and connections built up in 1000+ conversations with people on similar paths.

If we meet in person, I can use physical tests to find out your MBTI personality type. With this blueprint for flow, we understand your hard-wired strengths, needs, pitfalls, stress factors and stress release mechanisms.

Leadership Team Alignment

Teamwork is a superpower, for those who decide to master it.

But unfortunately most teams suffer from interpersonal tensions, unconstructive communication and misaligned visions.

As a group facilitator help leadership teams implement practical tools and techniques to collaborate more effectively.

Aligned visions, effective decision-making, focused meetings, clear roles and responsibilities, understanding each other's needs and preferences.

If this is a route you'd like to go on with your team, there are multiple ways I can support. Together we'll discover which way best fits your unique needs.

Team Day: Discover Your Talents

In-person "Discover your Talents" team days in the Netherlands. New science is applied in pro sports to know athletes' hard-wired strengths. Physical tests to test your MBTI personality type provide you and your team mates with your blueprint to flow.

Understanding our types, we know our needs, strengths, blind spots, stress factors, stress relief and even how we develop at different stages of our lives.

Recent science discovered that our personality type is recognized in the body by the way we move and operate. Online questoinnaires often provide wrong outcomes, but the body never lies.

Imagine understanding your design and that of your team mates. 90% of personal tensions are simply our blueprint dynamics playing out. Understanding each other's needs and preferences helps us be more compassionate and get in flow, individually and as a team.

These workshops are interactive, fun and extremely insightful. Participants cooperate and learn about themselves in a profound way.

I do these workshops in collaboration with top sports "coach of the coaches" Martijn Leonard from Next Talent.

Speak at your event

Add some structure, wisdom and fun to your event.

From a short keynote to hosting a multiple-day event: if I'm feeling it, I'm in.

My style is direct, clear and when the vibe is right: with a good dose of humor. I love to weave in deep wisdom with everyday practicalities. I love to understand things better, yet take nothing too serious.

By design I am attuned to how the people in the room feel. And by design, my internal intuition helps me improvise and provide spontaneous responses in the moment.

But most of it is magic which needs to happen in the moment. When the vibe is right, the audience and I connect and we ride a continuous wave of inspiration and insight.


All original "Alexander style" content: practical tips with a solid foundation in both science and spirituality.

Simple things you can apply in your own life and work (without much effort and guaranteed positive result).

Online course: Masterminding 101

A simple yet dense introduction into the art of connecting minds to transfer valuable relevant information efficiently.

- How to speak to yourself for more positive thoughts and ideas?

- How to connect with others 1-1 and in a group

- How to facilitate mastermind sessions effectively

... and much much more

A continuous flow of practical tips, tools, techniques and cover the areas of masterminding inside yourself, masterminding 1-1, masterminding in groups and facilitating mastermind groups.

Book: Weg met Stress op Kantoor

My book is currently only available in Dutch.

A simple, clear method to stay in control of your workload, supported by recognizable work-life examples and countless productivity hacks.

Everybody modern professional deals with the challenges of emails, colleagues, priorities, meetings and emergencies. How do you manage all of this, while staying stay stress-free?

I figured out a simple method when I was overwhelmed in corporate life. It helped me get back on top and get better results with less hours than all my peers.

Online course: Stress-Free Work System

The first video course I ever recorded! My method described in my book translated into an English video course.

The videos are accompanies by work books with step-by-step instructions towards implementing your own stress-free work system, suited to fit your own unique personal situation.

Every hard-working professional who is looking for more structure and self-organization, just follow the steps in this program and you'll be in control of your life and work within weeks.

This self-help program takes you by the hand to:

- Keep overview of your workload (make a perfect to-do list)

- Prioritize and plan your days

- Have more effective meetings

- Delegate more effectively

- Turn complaints into compliments

- Balance all your life areas

- Increase your emotional awareness

Podcast: The Influential Executive

When I got obsessed with leadership and influence, my ex-wife Lenka and I decided to interview experts from all over the globe.

Get inspired by these 55 free podcast interviews, where we harvest practical wisdom with influential leadership thinkers and purpose-driven entrepreneurs.

Gaianet: the New Earth Living Lab

Together with 5 other beautiful minds with big hearts I founded Gaianet in March 2020.

Gaianet forms a portal into the New Earth. We map the ecosystem of regenerative projects who aim for planetary-scale transformation which benefits all life on Earth.

Internally we practice holacracy and self-organization, shaping a work culture where talent thrives - built on autonomy, mastery and purpose.

Visit Gaianet to connect with astonishing projects and powerful professionals who all share the same dream:

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