Growing the roots of a New Earth


Hours I studied business, psychology, mindset, masterminding, philosophy, plant medicine, consciousness and manifestation.


I've facilitated 1000+ mastermind sessions in my life. This taught me a lot about teamwork, creativity, idea generation, connection, team flow and strategic thinking.


New Earth contributors have come together in our co-creation community Gaianet until today. We share knowledge and network to co-create a harmonious world.


New masterpiece is in the making: I was asked to create a Masterminding 101 online course. Currently in testing phase, soon available to the world!

My Story:

After many years of self-exploration, I learned that my gifts revolve around empathy, language and organization. I realized that my most beautiful life means to have lots of meaningful conversations (masterminds) and focus all my time and energy on creating a more beautiful world for ourselves and future generations.

I love brainstorming. Networking. Weaving the web. Applying wisdom on everyday challenges. Taking real-life challenges and generate superior solutions together.

Growing up in a small village in the Netherlands, I was hypnotized by the system for many years. My personal development journey started 13 years ago when I discovered personal development. Teachers like Anthony Robbins, Stephen Covey, Bob Proctor, Brian Tracy, Stephen Hawking, Alan Watts, Brené Brown and many others helped me understand that I can do and become anything I want.

For 13+ years I have been collecting experiences, practically living outside my comfort zone. Experimenting and applying what I learned in books and podcasts all the time. The world as my laboratory. I was successful in corporate life, lived in 4 different countries, was in the core team of a fast-growing startup and had many business ventures of my own (most of which failed).

Inspired by Michael Singer's The Surrender Experiment, I decided to surrender to the flow of life on 1 January 2019. I decided to let my body's intuitive intelligence (no longer my mind) guide my way. I discovered plant medicine and recognied the divine work we are here to do. I discovered I am nothing and I am nobody... I am simply here, to serve.

As a result, my life got turned upside-down: divorced, sold my home, moved to another continent, launching huge projects, building a worldwide network of New Earth co-creators and even buying land to build our own New Earth village. Life is many times deeper, richer and more beautiful that I could have every imagined.

About Gaianet and the New Earth

When corona hit, I realized the world may change forever and myself which leadership the world needs most. I realized it is time to unite "Team Love", the individuals worldwide who live in full personal responsibility and are ready to serve the highest good of all. 

Together with five amazing souls I co-founded Gaianet, a co-creation community aimed to facilitate the world's shift towards a system that benefits the highest good of all, not just a small number of people. 

We have all the knowledge, wisdom and technology to design a world of harmony and abundance. Now let's get together and do it!

Gaianet is currently in the process of raising funds to support this mission. We're also raising fund for our first physical New Earth village in Brazil. If you like to help in any way, continue reading and please connect on LinkedIn to let me know how you can support the movement.


The role of masterminding

To me, masterminding is an essential part of the creation process. Every team, every individual who masters this skill will structurally outperform those who don't. Information is everywhere, but communication levels are generally (very poor). So our ability to put our minds together to generate superior solutions will largely determine how we succeed.

 "A fresh perspective is worth 80 IQ points" (Alan Kay) so for every choice, strategy, idea... I use the power of masterminding to fine-tune and find the ultimate deepest alignment with truth.

It works every time, because it is a law of nature. Whenever there's an important challenge or choise or decision to be made, I consult the minds of trusted people around me.

Always remember: one better idea can save you years of work!

To advance in anything, all we truly need is clarity and confidence. Masterminding (done the right way) gives you both. After thousands of masterminding sessions, I built en enormous database of information points (things other leaders experienced, people on similar journeys as you). I bring this knowledge to every next conversation, having an ever wider variety of insights, ideas, tools, people and best practices I can connect you with.

What's next?

I dedicate my full energy to the co-creation of a New Earth. If you're an impact-driven action taker, there's a good chance we can find win-wins between us.

If you like what you read on this page... 

and your intuition tells you it's a good idea to deepen our relationship, 

I invite you to explore the following three potential next steps:

Three potential next steps to advance your mission:

WIN Mastermind

Are you an entrepreneur looking to make a bigger impact faster? Networking and masterminding is the trick! Do it together instead of alone:

WIN Mastermind is a business network where members establish meaningful connections and become part of each other's journey. 

We are One Team!

Learn Masterminding

My new online course Masterminding 101 is almost ready. I am currently looking for 20 beta users who can study the course for free and provide feedback and a testimonial.

The fastest way to enter my circle is by offering your help. If you would like to be involved, please write me a message on LinkedIn.


Help us co-create a New Earth, where we live in harmony with nature and each other. It is easily possible, but there is a lot of work to do.

Are you ready to step up and live in service to Mother Earth and the highest good of all? Study Gaianet and connect to get involved.

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