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Figuring out this game called "Life"

Since I was a little boy, I've been carefully observing the humans around me. Listening to their words, watching their actions, figuring out how the heck this thing called "Life" works. I observed that some humans were more successful, happier, appreciated more than others. So I asked myself: "Why is that? And how can I build my most beautiful life? How does all of that actually work?"

When I was 23 I discovered personal development. Stephen Covey, David DeAngelo, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy and many many others helped me understand how I can do and become anything I want. That it is all about the inner game. That your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. How to optimize your mind's programming so that you automatically do "the right thing".

Since then, my life has been an ongoing series of exeriments. Every time I learn something new and see an opportunity to apply it in real life, I do it. I realized that words are only words, and experience is what it is really about. Truly learning happens when we put our full being, our mind-body, our nervous system through a real-life situation.

I started practicing self-reflection and soon a pattern became clear: in all those experiments, the successful ones and the embarrassing disasters, I noticed it was my mood, more than anything, that determined the outcome of the situation. 

Learning became my priority and I experienced pretty much everything a young boy can dream of. A life of freedom, surrounded by amazing souls who I love and who lift me up, living in beautiful surroundings working on beautiful projects. And things keep getting more interesting: because the more I learn, the more I realize I don't know anything ;-)

So I am an eternal student, always figuring out, trying out new things. And everything I learn, everybody who I meet, I happily pass on to others who are on a similar journey. Underway I discovered that eventually, we are all on our journey home: in connection with our heart and soul and each other. I realized that life happens in the Now. The more we slow down, the more life helps us. It turns out, we have the ability to consciously design our lives and build relationships more meaningful than I ever thought possible.

On this page, I will share some of the things I learned and some of the materials I created over the past few years. I vouch for each of them: apply (really do it) what's in there, and you will transform your life. Even the seasoned personal deveopment junkies, I challenge you with my 3 strategies: are you really DOING it?

And finally please remember: My door is always open. If you are committed to your journey of personal (and thus spiritual) growth and you believe I know something/somebody that can support your journey, feel free to reach out and ask me anything.

Beautiful words from people who applied my tips:

"Alexander is the most inspiring manager and the best personal consultant I have ever witnessed."

Jonathan Fernande


"Every working professional should know about the Stress-Free Work System."

Simon Standaert


"Alexander  is a go-getter, who works stategically and pragmatically to make things happen. I admire his holistic approach and have great trust in his business views. I strongly recommend his work and would cooperate with him again in a heartbeat!"

Babke Schepers


Beautiful people inside these companies trusted me with their team:

 The most valuable yet simple thing I can give you now:

On your life's journey,

YOUR MIND is your greatest asset.

You are a spirit experiencing life through your mind-body system. The better you learn to operate that system, the easier you will flow through life. Eastern philosophy describes the mind as a wild horse, and the only real "work" we are supposed to do in this life, is taming that wild horse.

Your mind is where all your creations begin, so you want to keep your mind free, clean and open so that there is optimal space for creativity. You want to continuously offload information from your mind to an external source, so that your mind is free again to flow with whatever presents itself in the moment.

Presence is the name of the game. Living in response, never in reaction to the environment. 99% of our troubles in life have been created by ourselves, so our top priority is to not mess up :-) Don't make a move unless you are certain. 

. Let go of stressful feelings and experience every situation from a place of peace. 

So what's the next step? Decide Now that you are willing to try something out, to do a little experiment. If you want to experience more of the Now and understand how to calm down your mind by reorganizing all the information it is trying to remember...

... then I recommend you download the "10-minute e-book" on the next page. I wrote the e-book a while ago specifically for team leaders in a business setting, but the 3 rules actually really apply to every human being with a human mind.

Read it, apply it, keep doing it for at least a few weeks (and ideally keep a small journal)

The three creations I am most proud of:

The Stress-Free Work System

My online course gives ambitious office workers an "operating system" for their mind. From time management to self-management.

W.I.N. Mastermind

The business network for purpose-driven entrepreneurs. We share our knowledge and networks to build our dreams and make a positive impact on the world.


The social network for purpose-driven individuals and projects, focused on raising consciousness and shaping a new earth.

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