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Figuring out this game called "Life"

Since I was a little boy, I've been carefully observing the humans around me. Listening to their words, watching their actions, figuring out the rules of this game called "Life". I observed that some humans were more successful, happier, appreciated more than others. So I asked myself: "Why is that? And how can I build my most beautiful life, with the least amount of effort?"

When I was 23 I (finally) discovered personal development. Stephen Covey and David DeAngelo were the first experts whose work I studied (and applied) diligently. My first big breakthrough was the understanding that it is all about the inner game. That when I reprogram my mind to have higher quality thoughts and emotions... positive outcomes are a natural result. Wow! For the first time in my life I felt like I actually had some control over my destiny.

Since then, for the past 12.5 years, I've been reading everything I could find on leadership, management, psychology and communication. Since then, I stretch my comfort zone daily. In fact, I practically live outside my comfort zone. I constantly apply what I learn. The world has become my laboratory. Continuously trying out new strategies and tactics. Failing forward. Fast. Doing more of what works and stop doing what doesn't work.

I learned that personal growth and happiness go hand in hand. Both my career and my personal life are 100x more exciting than I ever thought possible.

Welcome to my world

Some people call me "intense". Because I like to experience every present moment deeply, and I invite the people around me to join. Let go of all distractions, sink into deep focus, having conversations that matter, asking questions that others don't... and have fun, right here right now. Some say that an hour with me gives enough inspiration to keep going for another month.

So here's a fair warning: if you're not open-minded. If you are too attached to your identity and your beliefs. If you believe you already know it all... my presence will not serve you.

On the other hand, if you feel resonance, if you are willing to question everything you believe, if you are open to surrendering your ego, if you are excited to dive deep... then let's go!

My promise to my friends: I do what I say, I bring good vibes, I share everything and everyone I know and I want what's best for you regardless of my own interest.

I want to offer you a gift!

For the past 12.5 years I've been figuring out solutions to my challenges, then creating a system, course or company to help others overcome that same hurdle with ease. In other words: I learn continuously and pass on what I learn in bite-size pieces.

Scroll down to see which free gift I am currently offering. If anything you read on this page resonates, I invite you to stay connected. Download the gift, find me on social media, register for my inspiration emails or connect in another creative way.

Let's stay connected, because together we achieve so much more than alone.

What Clients Say

"Alexander is the most inspiring manager and the best personal consultant I have ever witnessed."

Jonathan Fernande


"Every working professional should know about the Stress-Free Work System."

Simon Standaert


"Alexander  is a go-getter, who works stategically and pragmatically to make things happen. I admire his holistic approach and have great trust in his business views. I strongly recommend his work and would cooperate with him again in a heartbeat!"

Babke Schepers


Some of the brands I worked with

 My Gift to You

On your journey of making a positive impact on the world,

YOUR MIND is your greatest asset.

How to be in a good state and stay present throughout each day?

How do you optimize the quality of your thoughts?

How do you collaborate smoothly with other individuals so that 1+1=11?


In this e-book I'm sharing three simple things anyone can do (yet almost nobody does them). They take a few minutes per day and are a total game-changer in the way you achieve your goals. You will prioritize smarter, have peace of mind, be highly creative and improve every relationship in your life.

Simply check out the strategies and tune in to feel if it rings true. Then, commit to a little experiment.  What will you do for how long, and how will you measure if it's successful?

Will you let me know how it was?

The 3 Super Powers of Outstanding Team Leaders:

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