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How to get your work under control

I know... it may seem like mission impossible.

Trust me, I spent many years of my life studying this subject... and I know it's possible!


Using my system, I achieved outstanding results in corporate life and even in the unpredictable start-up life.

My secret?

Most people focus on managing their time...

I focus on organizing information and ideas.

It's simple... what we need are the skills that help us answer the question:


"Is what I'm doing right now the most important that I could be doing?"

I will tell you more about what you can do. But first... we all must understand

what stress actually is.

Because stress is not what you may think it is...

Bare with me. Understanding this message can literally change your life.

Do you recognize these questions?

What can I do in order to spend more time with my family, even when it's busy at work?


How to organize myself so that I can go on vacation with no stress about what I'll find when I return?

What should I do as a freelancer or entrepreneur to not worry about my yearly income?

Why is it so difficult to concentrate and my head seems to be full?

Where can I find the time to do more sports and eat healthy?

Is it possible to ever recover from my burnout?

Will I lose my job if I don't keep pushing?

It is my mission to help you get your work under control. 


Let me explain...

50,000 years ago. The Neanderthal version of you... 
You are walking in the woods, looking for food. You didn't find much, so you have to go past the big hill for more food.


Only... once you pass the hill, suddenly a bear appears in front of you. The bear looks up and growls. "Yum, there's my lunch." There you are, standing eye in eye with that wild animal.

Luckily, countless years of evolution have prepared your body for this situation.

You wouldn't exist if your forefathers would not have been prepared for dangers like these.

As soon as your brain registers the danger, it shoots a hormone called cortisol into your body.

You're fully alert, your muscles tense up. Your body shuts down the analytical part of the brain. No time to make calculations, you must use all your focus and energy on taking action.

You're more ready now than you were ever before: fight or flee. Go!

Today we live in a constant state of stress.

     Running to get to a meeting in time? Stress.

         Making haste to finish your work? Stress.

             Feeling guilty for forgetting an agreement? Stress...

This is what your brain subconsciously thinks:

"if I don't meet my deadlines I could get fired, which means no money, no food, death. So here you go, have a shot of cortisol and now run for your life."

After a while, your body cells are expecting their daily shot of cortisol so even when you're not stressed... You start feeling restless!

It comes down to this: busy people are fighting for their lives every day. It's literally exhausting.

Your body is using up its reserves. We've become addicted to cortisol.

All kinds of health issues arise: heart and coronary disease, sleeping problems, obesity, headaches... just to name a few.

Besides health issues, stress causes one more problem.


a problem you weren't yet aware of...

You see...

When we are busy or hasty... because we have too much to do and too little time... our body gets stressed...

Our mind and body think we're in danger... and then...

our body shuts down the analytical brain.


Which makes me wonder...

How can we get things done if we cannot think straight??!

Stress doesn't help us to perform, we get sabotaged by it! Being busy causes us to forget things and make mistakes. Which creates more work. And makes us even busier.

Our busy and hasty lives get us caught up in a negative spiral.

Where does this spiral lead us?

Burnout, depression, anxiety, anger, insecurity... (and the list goes on)

On to the solution. How to work stress-free?

Step 1: Define your goals and priorities

Step 2: Keep an overview of all relevant information and ideas

Step 3: Make conscious decisions about what to spend your time on (and what not yet)

Step 4: Take purposeful action

This also means... you must accept that you will never be able to do everything that you'd like to do...

How do you make this into a habit?


It's actually simple...


You need a system that steers your behavior to achieve the results you want.

A simple system that consists of several lists (including a to-do list), an agenda, an inbox, an information archive and several other elements.


Our brains are not made for holding information.

Our memories are terrible.

Our brains are made to recognize things, to think ahead, to create new ideas.

You need a system to hold all the pieces of information that you need to organize and plan your busy life.

So you can make conscious decisions about what (and what not yet) to spend our time and energy on.

Think of it like this...

A computer has a working memory (RAM) and a part for storage (the hard-drive).

Our mind has a working memory (our analytical brain) which needs to be supported by a part for storage (a system with lists, an information archive and an agenda).

Our brain = working memory (RAM)

Our system = external hard-drive

Working without a system or with a broken system = stressful

Working with a waterproof system = stress-free



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Still not convinced?

Here's what Richard Branson, one of the world's most successful entrepreneurs, wrote on his personal blog:

“I can assure you that I do indeed write to-do lists and prioritise items. I live my life by writing lists. Without to-do lists, I would use my time far less effectively, and have a lot less fun. People wonder how I fit in kitesurfing and tennis every day alongside business meetings – the answer is good planning and to-do lists. My habit has also rubbed off on many of our team, who are also avid note-takers and to-do list makers.”

This is what Jonas, a loyal subscriber, says:

“I'm 28 years old and for almost 7 years I work as a Consultant in the area of finance. I cared about using a structure to organize my work before I read your book, but I wasn't sure about how to approach it. I did make to-do lists, but the focus was mostly on the short-term. And at the end of each day I had to rewrite a part on a new list...


One year ago I purchased your book. I immediately read it and applied the action steps. Still today I use your method, because I experience its positive effects every day.


When I open my file at the start of the working day, I know exactly what I should do and by when it must be done. It almost never happens anymore that something slips by my attention. I am very happy that I can fully rely on my files, because everything I must know is safely noted there. The main point for me is: when I leave my workplace, I can stop thinking about what I should do tomorrow and I can focus on relaxing."


Jonas Teunkens, Consultant in Finance

Can I help YOU?

Do you have a responsible job, but you would like to spend more time with your family?

Are you recovering from a burn-out, and you feel insecure about what you can and cannot do?

Are you a manager, freelancer or an entrepreneur and you find difficult to keep an overview of everything that's going on?

Do you try to plan your day but deadlines....


      ...unclear priorities


        ...ad hoc requests from colleagues or customers

          ...and emails take up so much of your time...

          that there's hardly any time left to do what you wanted to do.

      Are you willing to make an effort and try a new way of organizing your work?

Who can I NOT help?

"Sounds nice, but my situation is different"

"I don't have time to work with a to-do list"

"I'm simply not the type of person that makes lists"

I used to think the same. I tried to keep an agenda several times and it simply didn't work.

I really thought that my situation was different...

But then I realized these were just... excuses.

I realized that nobody likes a chaotic person. That it was worth it to keep trying until I got it right.


It's my mission to give you peace of mind

It is possible to work stress-free and have full control over your work.

But it requires a different way of working.

Imagine if...

- You have your evenings free to spend with your family or do sports

- You feel in control of your work day because you are always well prepared

- You don't feel rushed every day, so you can have time to build friendly relationships with everyone around you

- You never forget the promises you made to other people

- Every day you take a smell step towards creating the outcomes that you desire

What if I told you there's a way...

And that anyone can do it.

Learning to get organized is like learning to ride a bike. Do you remember how it was?

If it was anything like my experience, this is what happened:

... you climbed on and fell off - many times

... it cost lots of energy

... it seemed like a waste of time (hey, you could have used your time playing with your football or your doll house!)

... at one point, you even thought you were the only child who would never be able to ride a bike!

But then...

... you started to make progress

... you managed to stay on the bike

... "look mom and dad, how fast I'm going!"

... you felt free!


Riding a bike is a skill for life.

And so is using a system to organize your life.


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How does this sound?​

  • have peace of mind every single day

  • spend more time with family

  • earn more money with no overtime

  • be more productive and creative

  • have time for sports 

  • never forget or break a promise

  • be the architect of your days

Want to learn more?

Click here to read about the online course we're soon offering.

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Read and watch the self-study materials that I've collected. Here you find my personal greatest sources of truth and inspiration.

What can I do for you?

  1. I can help you define your goals and priorities

  2. I can show you step by step how to setup your easy-to-use tools (no fancy apps, I promise)

  3. I can show you how to operate these tools to get full control over your work

  4. I can show you how to get the most result out of your time spent working (advanced tactics for working stress-free)

And most importantly... I show you how to implement the new habits that you need to keep doing the right thing.

You see...

Most trainings just tell you what to do and why.

But do they really show you how to apply what you've learned in your unique personal situation? I don't think so.

That's why I'm different. I care about one thing, and one thing only.

Making an impact. Helping you to actually make a change and get your work under control. Now and forever.

That's why I don't stop after telling you what to do and why... I'll show you exactly how to do it as well.

"OK sounds great... But I don't want to live like a robot and let a system rule my life..."

Don't worry... the system doesn't rule your life, just like your bicycle doesn't decide where you should go.

It's just a tool. You can even adjust it to your personal preferences.

Use pen and paper or use the latest apps? Use only text or use colors and pictures?

It's all fine. It's your decision. Because it's your system.

As long as all elements are included. Just like all bicycles have two wheels, peddles and a steering wheel.

Who is Alexander Keehnen?

I am the founder of Stress-Free Work

....you can call me the "Stress-Free Work guy".

I'm not a normal trainer.

Of course I've read books. Many books...

About many different subjects, but mostly about personal effectiveness and stress.

But all of this knowledge would be worthless without experience in practice.

I have spent many years fully immersed in corporate life and start-up life.

My last job was that of COO in a young travel start-up overseeing close to 100 employees.

Thanks to my work experience I have:

... Lived and worked in many different countries

... Managed numerous crises and escalations

... Comforted crying over-stressed colleagues

... Worked with horrible slow systems and procedures

... Managed hundreds of suppliers

... Personally interviewed many hundreds of job applicants

... Led minimum as many coaching sessions

... Worked with difficult managers

... Heard office gossip at the coffee machine

Without this rich experiences I would not have been able to use and develop my Stress-Free Work System.

It all started when I was only 23 years old. In January 2008 I moved to another country and started a customer service job at a Fortune 500 company... and only 9 months later I got my 3rd promotion, making me the manager of 18 people!

I was drowning in work, emails, escalations and requests from my colleagues and team members.

I felt good, I felt important. I was earning good money and I was living "the corporate dream life".

But then one day... I was confronted with a shocking fact. A health consultant told me: "I'm sorry sir... but you must change your lifestyle. You must exercise and eat healthy... and you must work less.

That's when I decided to change. I studied all I could find on time management and personal effectiveness. From that point on I used my personal system to set my goals, plan my days, to prioritize and to guide my decisions.

The system gave me wings. There was no challenge I wouldn't accept.

  • I was again promoted to lead a department of 30+ people. I even won an award as Best Leader. Twice!

  • I moved to again another country to be a project manager at a large bank. My performance reviews couldn't be better while I did all my work in 30 hours per week. In the remaining time I even wrote my book, built my websites and learned how to sell a product online.

  • Two years later I joined a Dutch start-up company and launched the Belgian operations from scratch. Within one year I opened up an office, put together a local team, designed and wrote all operational procedures.

       We achieved over €1 mln in revenue that first year in Belgium alone.

  • I moved on to be the COO of this company, designing and implementing an innovative distributed operations model  throughout Europe. I led the Operations, Sales, Marketing and IT teams at the head office, together with the 5 satellite locations for Customer Service.

But then something terrible happened...

Just after my beautiful and talented wife and I got married.... she got a burnout.

For years she's been running from meeting to meeting, from her responsible corporate job to her evening job as a dance teacher. She did a great job. Everybody loved her. Until... her body shut down.

One day suddenly... she could not speak. Literally... for 20 minutes she could not control her body. A total shutdown.

It took her many months to recover. The stress-free work system helped her, but it wasn't easy. At all.

Together we decided to work full-time on bringing the stress-free work system into the world. My wife and I form a great team: I'm the logical expert and she's the emotional expert.


Because it helped me create a dream life... and it helped her recover from her burnout... and it helps all of my readers... so we must tell the world about it.

What it all comes down to is this:

It is possible to live and work with no stress.

And a stress-free life is a happy life.

Since you only live once... why not give yourself the gift of happiness?


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© Copyright 2019 - Alexander Keehnen - All Rights Reserved

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