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"How your people grow is how

your business succeeds."

Imagine what's possible when everybody in your organization is focused on achieving results that matter.

Long-term sustainable success happens:

- when you focus on relationships (not transactions)

- when your managers become coaches

when your people manage themselves

With the stress-free success system you enable growth, happiness and innovation at every layer in your organization.

If your organization is like most organizations...

...your people work hard every day.

...you have one or more people facing burnout symptoms.

...you feel like there must be an easier way to achieve the results you want.

And we understand.

Alexander's worked for large corporations and was the COO of a young travel company. 

Every year is an important year. Every week is an important week. 

There’s always something going on. 

And there is hardly any time to “zoom out” and evaluate the way things are done.

Why would you invest in stress-free success?

Because if you're like most business owners we know...

... you want to work ON the business, not in it.

... you want positive relationships with your employees, your customers and your suppliers.

If you keep doing what you've always done, you keep getting the results you've always gotten.

Together, we create your legacy.

Do you realize how much money stress is costing you?

It has been scientifically proven that when people are busy, with too much to do and not enough time...

... their body's stress mechanisms block the prefrontal cortex.

That's the "thinking" part of the brain.

So remember: the busier people are, the more mistakes they make. It's a negative spiral that can only be stopped with conscious effort.

The opposite of busy is focused.

And that's exactly what the stress-free success system has been proven to do.

Let's talk about money, just for a moment.

Did you know that for example in the Netherlands…

  • It is estimated that 1 in 7 employees in the Netherlands suffer from burn-out symptoms

  • One burn-out case costs an employer on average €60,000

  • Add €72,000 for replacement, reintegration and loss of production

  • 36% of illnesses are the result of stress of work

What can you expect from working with Alexander?

Alexander empowers your success.

Which means that he doesn't give up... he does whatever it takes... to make you and your business successful.

Alexander guides you step-by-step through the process of implementing the stress-free success system.

You know that Alexander and Lenka love processes. This is his process for making clients successful:

  1. Schedule a free strategy call with the ultimate decision-maker, to screen the context and desired outcomes.

  2. Collect additional information (e.g. review website and testimonials, speak to other team members).

  3. Offer 3 alternatives, with 1 recommended option.

  4. Shake hands.

  5. Get started, working together to create the future that you desire.

Which services do Alexander and his team offer?

Management packages

DIY - Basic - Gold


  • DIY course "How to Work Stress-Free"

  • Management Survey before & after

  • Kick-off workshop: SFS for Managers

  • Q&A Group calls

  • Group coaching

  • 1-1 coaching

  • Floorwalk

  • Engagement survey

  • End-to-end process review

  • Conclusions & recommendations

Employee packages

DIY - Basic - Gold


  • DIY course "How to Work Stress-Free"

  • Employee Survey before & after

  • Kick-off workshop: SFS Basics

  • Q&A Group calls
  • Group or 1-1 coaching
  • Floorwalk

  • Engagement survey

  • Conclusions & recommendations

C-level coaching

Fully customized


  • Vision, mission, strategy

  • Time management

  • Sales and marketing

  • Operational Excellence

  • Communication

  • Leadership

  • Conclusions & recommendations

Process review

3 days on-site


  • Process mapping

  • Workshadowing

  • Group or 1-1 coaching

  • Floorwalk

  • Conclusions & recommendations




“Alexander was great to work with, his professionalism, could be easily implemented rather than an abstract methodology that mostly remains a distant idea. All the participants were greatly satisfied with the training, exclaiming that they now had the toolsdedication to the topic and enthusiasm made the training a great success.

I would greatly recommend employing Alexander for these types of training as he’s not only extremely knowledgeable on the topics, but also knows how to trigger an audience to truly bring about change.”


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