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Presentation: Let’s talk about stress, baby

I help you and your employees get their work under control and be more productive than ever

Better results. Better relationships. Better health.

Whenever organizations contact me for my services, the conversation goes somewhat like this:

“Alexander, can you come to give a workshop because people in our teams are stressed / we need tools to focus better / we must be more result-oriented / we must increase our productivity.”

“OK, tell me what’s going on.”

“Well, we get tons of emails and have lots of meetings. We are working around the clock and some of us haven’t had time to go to the gym for 8 weeks now.”

“What would you like people to learn from my workshop or presentation?”

“Well, we have very smart people on board but some are just chaotic. I think if we all would get more organized and plan our work better, we would make a big improvement.”

“That makes perfect sense. I would love to learn more about your organization so we can address the exact needs of your people.”

If your organization is like most organizations...

...your people are very busy.

...you have one or more people facing burnout symptoms.

...you feel like all the hard work doesn't bring the results you're looking for.

And I get it.

I’ve worked for large corporations and I was the COO of an international travel company. 

Every year is an important year. Every week is an important week. 

There’s always something going on. 

And there is hardly any time to “zoom out” and evaluate the way how things are done.

Sometimes you just need an outsider’s view on things.

So that’s what I do.

How?  Through Coaching, Presentations, Workshops and/or Online training.

My goal is not to deliver a service and go home.


My goal is to make an impact.


My goal is to ask questions that nobody else is asking.


My goal is to enable people to be their own leaders.

My goal is to give people control over their work and their life.

Because when in control, they feel peace of mind.


 When there’s peace of mind, there’s engagement.


And when there’s engagement, there’s achievement.

Why would you invest in working stress-free?

It is very difficult to find an investment with a better ROI.

Gallup found that Companies with an average of 9.3 engaged employees for every actively disengaged employee in 2010-2011 experienced 147% higher Earnings-Per-Share compared with their competition in 2011-2012.

Did you know that in the Netherlands…

  • It is estimated that 1 in 7 employees in the Netherlands suffer from burn-out symptoms

  • One burn-out case costs an employer on average €60,000

  • Add €72,000 for replacement, reintegration and loss of production

  • 36% of illnesses are the result of stress of work

What you can expect when working with me?

You know I love lists. My checklist for doing workshops and presentations can be summarized as such:

  1. I always meet the initiator and the leader for an intake session via phone or in person. I want to understand the exact problems as well as the desired outcomes

  2. I may ask to speak to several other members of the audience

  3. Then I make a plan to achieve the desired outcomes

  4. Together we agree on the plan

  5. Together we execute the plan

This is what I believe:

We should stop managing our time... and start managing our information.


... because focus on time breeds stress

... and stress causes mistakes and poor decisions

... because organized information breeds peace of mind

... peace of mind fosters creativity

... creativity fosters innovation and breakthrough results


Step 1: define your desired outcomes

Step 2: organize all your ideas and information

Step 3: make conscious decisions on how to spend your time

Step 4: take purposeful action


... and repeat these steps EVERY DAY.

More specifically, these are the skills everybody should learn

(but which nobody learned in school)

  • Organizing all the information and ideas in your life

  • Implementing new habits in your life

  • Defining goals and priorities (on what to spend your time first, and what should wait for later/someday)

  • Making an optimal planning for your day and week

  • Renegotiating deadlines

  • Saying “no”

  • Establishing productive relationships with the people around you

  • Handling perfectionism and procrastination

  • Estimating the duration of a task

  • Focusing your attention on what matters most

  • Asking yourself the right questions at the right moments

  • Quickly relieving stress when you experience it

  • Dealing with emails

  • Having meetings that deliver results

Sounds good? This is what I need from you:


To make our cooperation a success, we must work together closely.


You know your organization’s needs, you know your culture and you know your people.


I understand Stress-Free Work.


Only by combining our knowledge, we can truly make an impact.


This means that:

  • I need a bit of your time

  • I need you to communicate with the audience before and after the workshop or presentation

  • I need you to be open and honest

  • I need you to believe 100% in the principles of stress-free work

One example of a satisfied customer:

“Alexander delivered a half day course on time-management and stress free working to our team of project management officers. The set-up of the course was different from any off the shelf solution as Alexander firstly mapped our “challenges” through a thorough introductory conversation and tailored the content of the training to tackle these. The training was thus very hands on, offering the participants tangible solutions that in hand to improve their way of working.

Alexander was great to work with, his professionalism, could be easily implemented rather than an abstract methodology that mostly remains a distant idea. All the participants were greatly satisfied with the training, exclaiming that they now had the toolsdedication to the topic and enthusiasm made the training a great success.

I would greatly recommend employing Alexander for these types of training as he’s not only extremely knowledgeable on the topics, but also knows how to trigger an audience to truly bring about change.”

Barbara van de Velde (Accenture)

What’s next?

If you like what you’ve read…

If you believe that working stress-free should be a priority in your organization…

If you want to get in touch…


Complete the form and I’ll contact you within 72 hours.



My mission is to help as many people as possible, but my agenda for this year is filling up quickly. So do not hesitate and contact me so we can lift your organization to the next level.

© Copyright 2019 - Alexander Keehnen - All Rights Reserved

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