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Alexander Keehnen

Consultant, speaker and coach on Stress-Free Success

MSc. in Business

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How Alexander helped people like you:

“Based on your tips, my productivity increased almost 50% and I succeed in leaving my workplace with peace of mind.

Thanks again and all the best!"

Ronny De Vos

“The most important thing I took from your book is to work with lists more. It helps to know: what is the most important thing I could be doing right now? I'm often quire satisfied when I think: I've been having a very efficient day today."


Benjamin Tonoli, COO bij The Belgian – Smart Security Solutions

“Your newsletters are very useful for me. There are only a few newsletters to which I'm subscribed but yours is the only one I always read. They are concise, often fit in one screen, and that makes them easy to read. And I like it when you share videos. I have forwarded your newsletter to my daughter. She gets easily distracted by her smartphone and Facebook and such and learns from your newsletters how she can get things done in spite of that.

I've also read your book and it's a good book. Concise and very useful information. To-the-point. No nonsense and many useful tips. I lend it to my daughter and when I receive it back I will read it again."


Tony Brouwers, eigenaar van ECTX bvba

"Your book is easy to read. You write to-the-point, concise and friendly. The method is simple and easy to apply. In one sentence: 'Fantastic simple and well thought-through method to effectively increase the impact on your work. A must read!'"

Paul Ricken, coach / trainer / inspirator

“I bought your book "Eliminate Stress from the Office" at the moment when I was in a burnout. I had lots of tension in my body and lots of fear. That had to change rapidly and the book was of great help. I also started doing yoga in that period.

One of the key aspects you highlighted is how to prepare the next workday and how to keep lists of what you want to get done each day. Earlier,  I was used to working in a different way. I let the work come to me. I simply read all those emails I received, thinking: OK right, so this and this and this is what I need to do.  Actually there was no structure. I only saw new things coming at me and thought: wait, I can't handle all of this! When you work with structure you turn it around and you get control over your work. 

Actually I don't like structure very much. It was a big effort for me. I am somebody who works based on impulse a lot and I like to do what I feel like. When I read your book I was feeling really down and I became aware of the fact that this was the way to get out of my misery, so that's the point where I took action and actually DID it.

In the weeks after I started to apply your system I felt a big relief. I felt myself returning to a state of calm, I felt peace of mind. I got the most benefit from monitoring during the day what I should be working on and which progress I already made. I saw that I was completing tasks, whereas earlier I wasn’t at all aware of what I did and did not complete.

Bernard, sales manager

*We will never rent, sell, or share your information and you can unsubscribe at anytime. You can see our entire privacy policy here.