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Eliminate stress at work.

More productive. Better health. Better relationships.

What every person should know, but they don't teach you in school

"I never realized that working stress-free is a CHOICE!"

"I was living busy days filled with important meetings, eating lunch at my desk, and no time to rest or have fun.

Lately I found myself more often just starring at wall, my head was so full. There was no way I could stop the thoughts in my head. I couldn't sleep and I found it increasingly difficult to concentrate, both at work and at home…

I used to be the kind of person who had it all under control, my work, my health, my relationships…my life. I didn’t forget things, I was never late, I never said “no”… I always strived for the best. And suddenly I was standing in front of this white wall unable to think clearly. My migraines became more frequent and work started piling up around me. My productivity was decreasing fast, I became forgetful and started losing control of my life.

I knew I was too ambitious for my age and too much of a perfectionist, but I was convinced that that was what I needed to be if I wanted to succeed in this world. I wanted to prove to everybody that I could do this; have a management position, be a great fitness teacher, be an amazing wife and loyal friend. But at the end of the day I had no energy left to even eat.

And then the shocking news came in...

One morning I woke up and was brought to my doctor, who looked at me and said the one word I didn’t believe in until that moment: “burnout”. I was diagnosed with a late stage of the disease, that I had tried to ignore all symptoms of for the past two years.

Even though I was exhausted, I still did not want to give up. Then a wise man told me that I was just listening to a bad voice in my head, let’s call it “the devil burnout” voice. While I should have listened to the “stress-free angel” voice. I listened to this devil-burnout-voice asking me to do things based on fear. I did so many things to avoid disappointing people around me and I had no time left to do the things I loved doing. I had a feeling of losing control because there was no system or balance to what I was doing. At one point my days were so full that making an overview didn’t even make sense. When I tried to write a to-do list I was still forgetting important tasks and events.

How was this possible? The system that I had created for myself was not waterproof.

Once I realized this, I decided things needed to change drastically and I needed a better system.

I started applying the ‘Stress-Free Work’ method and this is what it helped me to achieve; No more headaches, no more sleepless nights, no more forgotten meetings, no more overtime. I finally have time to breathe, to do things I love, to spend time with my friends and still achieve outstanding results and build my career. 

It is all simpler than you might think but NOBODY will ever change your life for you. There are people out there that want to help you, but YOU are the one who needs to make the change. I don’t wish for anybody to have to go through a burnout. I hope that people finally understand that finding a system in your life is the only way towards a happy life filled with freedom."

This story is the personal story of my wife... not exactly a happy experience, right?

Today, your world probably looks something like this:

You get up early in the morning after a sleepless night, you worked late because something urgent popped up. You grab a quick coffee in the kitchen while checking your email on your phone. You don’t have the time to really listen to your partner and your kids because your head is already full, planning your day. You quickly get in the car and go! You feel agitated spending 10 minutes in rush-hour traffic, because you fear being late for work. Rushing to the office, saying a quick “hello” to some people and you are off to a meeting.

“What is this meeting about? Did I receive a meeting agenda? Should I have prepared something? Oh no, I haven’t finished the report I should have presented here today!” Just a few of the hundreds of thoughts going through your head. When talking to your business partners and colleagues you are rather transactional, you would love to get to know them better but there is simply NO TIME!

You get through the day by running around trying to help your colleagues. You eat your lunch at your desk and before you have time to blink the workday is over. “How come all I did was check my e-mail? When am I supposed to actually work on my projects?” Your boss called there is something that requires your attention immediately, so you have to stay longer and miss your son’s football match. You can hardly focus on what you are doing, as your head is already full. You push yourself to fulfill your boss’ request. Once the task is completed you close your laptop, drive home, kiss your kids goodnight and have a glass of wine with your partner…. 

You think that having a bit of stress is an inevitable part of having a modern life with a demanding job and a family.

What if I tell you that it can also look like this:

You get up early in the morning...nicely rested with peace of mind. You are excited to continue to work on your mission today. You take time to have breakfast with your family and you listen carefully to your kids’ stories about princesses and robots. You know exactly what your day will look like so you feel comfortable, prepared and ready. Even unexpected things won’t get you out of balance because you are prepared for the unexpected. As you head out the door and get in your car you hear the birds sing, a few minutes of extra traffic does not worry you. You get to the office and drink a cup of coffee with your colleagues. You discover that Nina’s kids go to the same school as yours...how come I didn’t notice before?  You get to your desk, check your daily planning and proceed with some work. You are focused and confident.

You simply have it UNDER CONTROL!

You have a few meetings with a clearly defined purpose and expected outcomes. Your boss and colleagues notice how effective and productive you are. Work seems much easier now and you are confident about your performance. You don’t feel guilty anymore because you know you make good progress, keep promises and you don’t forget a thing. The word “overtime” disappeared from your vocabulary, you drive home content after working regular hours. You have enough energy to play with your kids, do some sports or have a drink with your friends.

What if I told you that I have created this EXACT solution

and that ANYBODY can do it?

Before I tell you how it works, let me tell you how I found the answer

to working with no stress.

You have to know that… I am not a standard trainer. Of course, I read many books and I visited many seminars. But unlike most other trainers, I have many years of experience in real organizations.


It all started when I was 23 years old... After getting my master’s degree in Business I decided to go on an adventure and I moved to Prague, Czech Republic. I started in a big Fortune-500 company, in a customer service team. In the village where I grew up I learned the importance of hard work, so that’s what I did: I worked hard and every day I gave my best. And it worked! Not even one year later I made my 3rd promotion and I found myself being a manager of 18 people. I felt like a king and I was living the corporate dream life!


This was my life: I was busy every day...running from one meeting to another... phone by my ear and laptop under my arm… I’m talking to people in the hallways…. Fixing problems and catching up on the latest initiatives… leading coaching sessions... presenting to important clients....solving urgent problems....hiring new people... I felt needed and important. I was a player to be reckoned with in the "who sends the last e-mail of the day" competition... things seemed great. I loved reading emails to see the status of everything that’s going on. It’s kind of like watching The Bold and the Beautiful. Every day something exciting happens… every day ends with a cliffhanger.


Until one day... the day that opened my eyes.


It was a day in autumn, our department received the announcement that a team of health consultants would come our office and everybody got the opportunity to have their health examined. So there I am… I come into a small meeting room in which they have all their machines and documents laid out. They perform their measurements on me and fill in their forms. Then the woman looks up to me and gave me the bad news… “I’m sorry sir, but you must improve your lifestyle. How you live now... it's very unhealthy." I feel shocked. I can’t believe I caught the stress virus. She’s right! How could I have been so blind! The symptoms were so clear…

  • Indeed, I had been gaining weight ever since I started working

  • I hardly ever took the time to visit my family and friends back in the Netherlands

  • I was hardly doing any sports, even though before I started working I was doing sports almost every day… Somehow I had told myself that this is normal, that this is the new “successful” me.

  • I was always busy and said “yes” to everything people asked me to do. It found it normal, an achievement even, to spend 10 or 11 hours per day at the office.

  • And… I clearly suffered from a chronical email fever. Every day… frantically… answering every email… fast… must empty inbox… must fill other people’s inbox… must show them… that I am committed…

  • All in all it comes down to this: I didn’t have a plan. All I did was work as hard as I could. I realized that I couldn’t keep this up for another 5 or 10 years. This is not what I wanted. This is not what I dreamed of when I was young! I want to live a long and healthy life. I want to go places and experience things. I want to enjoy my time outside the office.


That’s when I decided to change. I knew that I could do anything if I put my mind to it. So I started reading books and listening to audiobooks, and I visited many seminars and trainings. It was people like Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Stephen Covey and many others who inspired me. So instead of copying the behavior of all the colleagues around me, who were in a similar bad shape as I was, I decided to start copying new role models who seemed to have it all together.


For example: Brian Tracy told me to always write everything down. And how to do it. And to always be prepared. So that’s what I started doing. Results came much faster than I expected. Within weeks, I was the only manager who no longer needed to work overtime. I not only started going to the gym again, but I also achieved even better results. I got another promotion, I got the best performance reviews and everybody was happy to work with me. I was even awarded Best Leader. Twice.


And that’s how I kept doing things. I was always refining my work techniques so I could get the most result with the least effort. A few years later I moved, together with my wife, then girlfriend, to Belgium to be a project manager at a large bank. In only 30 hours per week I got my work done and I got outstanding performance reviews. Then I realized… that the stress virus also got this company in its grip. It hurt me to see so many smart, good people… constantly busy, hardly ever having time to enjoy the better things of life.


That’s when I decided to share everything I’d learned so I can help make things easier for everybody. In this first book, which translates as “Get rid of stress at the office”, I explained exactly step by step how I organize my work, so that everybody who reads it could start doing the same. With all the time I had left besides my full-time job I even built a website and a newsletter to let everybody know that this book exists. It was a great learning experience and I am grateful that I got to help thousands of people like this.


You can see this project as version 2.0 of my book. My beautiful, talented wife plays a very important role. Let me tell you why…


Lenka has always been talented, ambitious and responsible. In Belgium she not only held a full-time job at a large IT company… in the evenings and weekends she worked as a Zumba instructor and fitness mastercoach as well. She loves having her days full and she loves helping... everybody! She is the type who never wants to disappoint people, she knew that if she wants to achieve a lot from her life she has to work hard and deliver high quality. She always thought that saying "no" is not welcome and that people won't appreciate her after that anymore. So she kept pushing. She started to have regular migraines, mood swings, she was often ill, she started to forget. But we thought it was temporary… “I just need to get past this busy period, and then things will be OK,” she said.


And then one day it happened. Lenka’s sitting in the car with a colleague. He asks her something and she wants to reply. Only… she cannot. She cannot physically move her mouth. For 20 minutes she sat still, not moving. Waiting. Her body shut down. Her body said: now it’s been enough. If I don’t stop you here, you will keep pushing until you literally exhaust yourself. One day later she was diagnosed with a deep stage of burnout!


Can you imagine how stupid I felt? I wrote a book about not being stressed, and here is my own wife… in a burnout! Of course we had often talked about how she can organize herself so that she has less stress. But we never defined a real plan. She never wanted me to worry so she kept a lot for herself.


Together we got her through 4 difficult, dark months. By that time I was the COO of a young travel company… spending 60 hours per week working myself. But I helped my wife as good as I could, I listened and we both learned from the situation... We made a plan on how to get her back on her feat. One year later, as I write this in the spring of 2017, she’s still not fully recovered. But now we know when to stop. We know where is the line between doing your best and exhausting yourself.


We decided to share everything we've learned. I'm an expert in the field of logic and my wife knows everything about the emotions of stress. Together we are the perfect team.


We both worked for big multinationals and for small start-ups. We saw companies growing and companies going into bankruptcy. We worked with great managers and also with very poor team leads. We have the experience of a starter and of a director overseeing more than hundred people. And we know that it's never too late to change your life.


What I want to say is this... we know what it’s like to be you.


My wife and I dedicated our lives to helping you work with no stress. To help you build a better life. Because you deserve it.

People trying to find a solution for stress may have these questions:

“My situation is different so can I find a solution that works for me?”

“How can I get peace of mind and empty my head when there is so much to do?”


“How can I be more productive when I am simply not a structured person?”

“How can I prove to my boss that I really do the work of 2 people?”

“Can I still learn and adopt new habits after doing things a certain way for so long?”

And I completely get it. You tried different approaches and you even reorganized your work inside out. But it simply didn’t work for you.


Because the system wasn’t complete and waterproof.

It was probably difficult to understand or too complex to implement.

It took weeks to see results…


And, more importantly… you didn’t develop the habit of applying what you’ve learned.

Everybody knows… if you don’t consciously build a new habit, you will fall back into your old habits. We will show you step by step how to implement and keep the new habits of stress-free work in your unique personal situation.

That’s why we developed a system for YOU

which is easy to understand, use and apply

and suitable for YOUR unique situation!


And… as opposed to most courses, we take you by the hand and guide you through the steps

to implement and maintain the powerful habits of stress-free work in your life.

Now you might think...

“But wait, if it’s so easy, I will do it myself.” ...and you can definitely try it. You will probably spend over a year on testing and refining the system to be sure that it is comfortable, quick, easy to use in different situation and takes only little time to update.


Or you invest to increase the quality of your life and apply our system that has been developed in cooperation with hundreds of people working in different industries, living in different countries, being busy parents, students, busy managers or freelancers. We tell you exactly what to do and why and how to do it. Because you have already enough other things to do and to think about.


“But I don’t have time to try new things.”  You decide your own pace as well as when you work on the materials. And more importantly, this course has especially been designed for busy people who have no time. As of lesson 1 you will be saving significant time. People following our system reported an increase in their productivity by at least 50%. The time you invest is almost immediately paid back by the time you save each day once you apply what you've learned.

“Actually, I am fine, I don’t need this. It’s all in my head.” I used to think the same until I gave this a chance. Later I found out that scientists have proven that our brain isn’t made to retain information, but to be creative. People who work with a system that stores the information outside of their brain are the most successful and productive people in the world. Trust me, it's not in your head - it's REAL.


“I don’t know if I should spend money on this.” Money is one of the biggest sources of stress for most people, so it’s understandable that you ask yourself this question. The question you can ask is “How much would I pay for more time with my family and friends?” or “How much would I pay for a good night sleep or no headaches?” or “How much more could I earn if I work more productively?” These questions might help you to decide. Investing in yourself is the best investment you can ever make…

"I'm not sure if I will be able to do it." With the worksheets in this course we make the lessons very easy to apply. We understand that you may sometimes feel insecure, and that's why we guide you through the process. All you need is your motivation, an open mind and simply do the assignments as suggested. The course materials tell you everything you must know to get it right.

In 2014 I published my book “Weg met stress op kantoor” (which means: “Get rid of stress at the office”).


Why did I write this book?

Because everywhere I see how busy people are... stress is everywhere and it sucks the fun out of life. And what I've learned is this... a stress-free life is a happy life. To live without stress, there are so many things you must know, skills you must have, which they don't teach you in school. For many years, I studied all of these things (and I still am), asked "why" about everything I saw happening around me. I decided to write everything down and share my insights with the world.

This is what others said about my work:

“I bought your book ‘Get rid of stress in the office’ when I had a very serious burnout. There was a lot of tension in my body and I felt irrational fear. That needed to change quickly and the book was of great help. I also started doing yoga around that time.

One of the key aspects you highlighted is how to prepare the next workday and how to keep lists of the tasks you want to get done each day. Before I applied this method, I had a different mindset, I let the work come to me. I simply read all those emails I received, thinking: OK right, so this and this and this is what I need to do. There was no structure at all. I constantly saw new tasks coming at me and thought: wait, I can't handle all of this! When you work with structure you turn it around and you regain control over your work.

Actually, I don't like structure very much. It was a big effort for me. I am somebody who works based on impulses a lot and I like to do what I feel like. When I read your book, I was feeling very down and I became aware of the fact that this was the way to get out of my misery, so that's the point where I took action and actually DID it.

In the following weeks I felt relieved and I could tell that I was calming down again.
During the workday, I would have more insight in what I was doing. I could clearly see progress in my work and the completion of tasks, whereas before I was not aware of what I was and wasn’t doing."

Bernard (sales manager)


(as you may understand, Bernard prefers to not show his full name because many people still see burnout as a weakness. However his story is real and he wanted to share this story to encourage people who are facing a similar challenge to take action.)

“As financial project controller I monitor the flow of finances for over 100 research projects and I provide consult. I spend around 25% of time time in meetings. And I receive emails all day long. It was easy to get pulled in by the hassle of the day. That’s why I found it a huge challenge to keep an overview, make a prioritized planning and do my work. I tried everything and still I didn’t get a grip on a system for which the system doesn’t become a goal by itself (in other words: a system shouldn’t cost too much time so that it seems like the system employs you instead of vice versa).

Thanks to your book I learned a method with which I keep an overview and because the system is waterproof: nothing slips by my attention. This relieved me from many worries and much restlessness. Now I can trust that I immediately deal with all tasks which present themselves at predefined times or schedule them for a later moment and then complete them (taking into account the available timeslots on those days so I prevent unpleasant surprises).

Realistically prioritizing is now easier than ever before. And because the work is spread over a longer period, I have space to breathe. Because of this, I can let go of work during the evenings and the weekends and really come to a rest. At the same time, my customers can rely even more on the fact that I will serve them timely and correctly. Alexander, I am grateful that you taught me your system so that I could experience more productivity and more peace of mind. I hope that many knowledge workers like me will give your method a chance, thereby creating the opportunity for themselves to get the most out of their lives."


Rogier (Financial project controller)

“The most important thing I took from your book is to work with lists more. It helps to look at my list so I know: what is the most important thing I could be doing right now? Now I often think: I've had a very efficient day today."

Benjamin Tonoli (COO bij The Belgian – Smart Security Solutions)

“I'm 28 years old and for almost 7 years I work as a Consultant in the area of finance. I cared about using a structure to organize my work before I read your book, but I wasn't sure about how to approach it. I did make to-do lists, but the focus was mostly on the short-term. And at the end of each day I had to rewrite a part on a new list...


One year ago I purchased your book. I immediately read it and applied the action steps. Still today I use your method, because I experience its positive effects every day.


When I open my file at the start of the working day, I know exactly what I should do and by when it must be done. It almost never happens anymore that something slips by my attention. I am very happy that I can fully rely on my files, because everything I must know is safely noted there. The main point for me is: when I leave my workplace, I can stop thinking about what I should do tomorrow and I can focus on relaxing."


Jonas Teunkens, Consultant in Finance

“Based on your tips, my productivity increased almost 50% and I succeed in leaving my workplace with peace of mind.

Thanks again and all the best!"

Ronny De Vos

“Whether you have a boss or you’re a freelancer or entrepreneur, the lessons from Alexander’s book are valuable for every knowledge worker. Both groups will learn a lot from the way Alexander approaches work without having to experience stress. For the employee, this may result in a higher salary and for the freelancer in additional assignments.


The biggest charm of the book I find the personal style of Alexander. He speaks from his own experience and shares these experiences as openly as possible, which is a sign of strength. It fits really well with the principles which Alexander highlights about his own approach to continuous learning. Feedback is indeed the breakfast of champions!”

Ruben van der Laan (Change Coach / Vergaderexpert)

“I found your book inspiring and recognizable. I would like to compliment you for the clarity and making it so easy to apply.”

Annemie Schuitemaker (Careerandlive.nl)

"I am the co-owner of Quiz Brothers, a company that organizes quizzes for all types of events. I prepare and host the quizzes and I am also responsible for all communication and administrative tasks.

My main challenge is to make every quiz into a success. We have an approach that strives to be both professional and personal. Therefore, each quiz should be created with great care and attention. A good planning, an organized administration and clear communication are essential.

Alexander's method has mainly helped me to keep a good overview of all my tasks and activities. This ensures that even when I’m busy, I don't forget anything and I get my work done in the right way and at the right moment."

Jan Duijndam (Entrepreneur and a happy father)

Introducing… The “How to Work Stress-Free” online course.

Build your confidence and lose the the stress at work.

Take control over your life and spend time on what truly matters to you.

For higher productivity, better health and better relationships.

This is a 4-module course in which I take you by the hand and guide you step-by-step to getting control over your work.

You’ll learn how to better plan and organize your life so you can experience confidence and peace of mind 24/7.

Here’s what you can expect when you’ll join…

Each module comes with multiple WORKSHEETS, especially designed to help you implement what you've learned in your own unique personal situation.

Module 1: How to define your goals and priorities

  • Do you feel stressed? You’ll learn how to get relief from stress immediately at the start of this course. Because knowing how to empty your head is the first step towards solving any stressful situation.

  • If you avoid the 3 biggest mistakes that people make at work you will skyrocket your productivity and grow your confidence. Together we'll implement the habits that foster focus, eliminate distractions and increase your results.

  • Understand what stress exactly is - what it does with your mind and body and how you can prevent or relief stress.

  • Why all successful people work with lists? Business men like Richard Branson and geniuses like Nikola Tesla already understood the value of a system a long time ago. Every human achieves more with a system compared to without a system. Understanding principles that BRAIN SCIENCE has recently brought to light open your eyes to a new range of possibilities.

  • The 5 laws of stress-free people. The 5 key principles which navigate you through stressful times and bring you peace of mind.

  • Learn the 2 most known excuses people use to avoid systems and why it limits them from getting more out of life.

  • I'll show you how to motivate yourself for any task (even the annoying ones :) )

  • How to make sure that others know exactly what they can and cannot expect of you.

  • Knowing your goals is the essence of living with no stress. You will get amazing worksheets with questions helping you to define your life direction and motivation.

       Because if you don’t know where you are going, you will not end up where you want to be.

Module 2: How to set up the stress-free work system

in your unique personal situation

  • The system is especially designed to help busy people transition from their old habits to new habits. Step 1 is to create a simple overview so you can start making conscious decisions about how you spend your time. We'll do this together, step-by-step.

  • Overview doesn’t have to be kept in fancy tools. Since you use internet you can probably read and write. That is great, because that’s all you need in order to set up the stress-free work system!

  • You’ll learn step by step how to setup each tool in the stress-free work system in your unique personal situation.

  • The stress-free work system can be applied by anybody in any job: entrepreneur, freelancer, manager, employee or student. Knowledge worker or manual laborer.

  • I will share with you all of the elements of stress-free work and explain why you need them to take control over your work.

  • You will learn how to always have time to do the right activities at the right moment. Insecurity, perfectionism,  procrastination... will disappear to the background when YOU are in control of working towards your goals.

  • Learn how to prioritize your tasks so you can do more of what you feel like and less of what you "have to do". I won’t only show you how to make a water-proof TO DO list, I will also share a FREE BONUS TEMPLATE that you can immediately use and adjust so that it fits your needs.

  • I will also tell you why people fail using a TO DO list and how can prevent being one of them.

  • All tasks are equally important and have to be done NOW? Not anymore, I will explain you how to set your priorities and how can you proof to others that what you are currently working on has the highest priority.

  • Which tasks should be the first ones to appear on your TO DO list? I will reveal the secret to no longer working overtime.

  • Understand which 6 steps every project goes through to create something out of nothing.

  • Do you want to start your weekends with an empty head? A brief moment of reflection and preparation is all you need... and I'll show you exactly how to do that.

  • Learn to organize the INFORMATION in your life. Let in more helpful information and block out useless information.

  • Many people just forget what they have promised and it creates chaos in their work. I’ll show you the strategy for never letting this happen and growing a golden reputation with the people around you.

  • You’ll learn how to stop wasting time on meetings and emails. Rule your inbox, don’t let your inbox rule you.

Module 3: How to operate your stress-free work system:

stay in balance and stay on course

  • This module is where the real FUN begins. Now that your system is set up, you'll be seeing major results and I will show you how to stay in balance and enjoy the ride. Life is an exciting journey, not an endless fight for existence.

  • You’ll learn exactly how to operate the stress-free work system. More specifically, you’ll learn how to make sure that at any moment of the day you are doing the most important that you could possibly be doing.

  • You'll learn the simple but revolutionary theoretical model that is at the heart of the stress-free work system. This is what separates this revolutionary program from any other program out there. It's what ties everything together so you'll ALWAYS have all the tools and knowledge you need to stay in balance.

  • Staying in balance is not optional... it is a MUST. I'll show you a simple method for proactively managing your energy, because only like this you can be your best self every day.

  • How to build your confidence by dealing with conflicts in your life (it's simpler than you might think!).

  • As the captain of your life, you must be confident in your decisions. I'll show you exactly how to make conscious decisions so you can explain to others why you do what you do (saying "no" becomes EASY).

  • Learn a proven method for decision-making that is simple and doesn't require endless analyses and calculations.

  • I'll show you the biggest decision-making mistakes that people make.

  • Are you on of the unlucky people, who decide to try a new habit but rarely succeed? I will help you in implementing new habits and making sure you stick to them. (And then you'll be hooked forever!)

  • You’ll learn which daily and weekly habits give you a sense of control that you’ve never experienced before.

  • I will explain you why you come up with the best ideas while showering or when you are doing other things than working... (one great idea can save you months of work - and I'll show you the EXACT SCIENCE to having great ideas!)

Module 4: Accelerate - how to get ever more done

  • You’ll learn about advanced stress-free work. I’ll show you how to reach abnormal levels of productivity by making use of a supernatural ability we all have.

  • I'll show you a technique used by all professional athletes, which is now available to you too!

  • I will show you simple tricks on how to deal with the numerous interruptions and ad hoc request. Staying focused won’t be a problem for you anymore.

  • I'll show you one simple rule of life that will guarantee the best results to staying stress-free and more productive than ever also in the years after you've completed this course.

  • You’ll learn many tricks on how to manage your energy and prepare yourself for optimal performance which you can apply immediately.

  • There's a technique that anybody can use which they don't tell you about in school... use this technique to prepare for any important moment and you'll outshine yourself time after time.

  • I'll show you which two voices give you advice, and how to recognize which one you should listen to.

  • I'll show you what is next... how to keep operating the system in the future. Even when you make a major life or career change, the stress-free work system will be your number 1 tool in getting things done (with no stress).

BONUS 1: join the closed Facebook Community of Stress-Free Superheroes all over the globe.

People just like ask questions and give answers, tips and ideas to help YOU get the most out of the system and out of your life.


BONUS 2: access to recorded Coaching Webinars in which I addressed the hundreds of questions that students just like you have asked.

BONUS 3: LIFETIME ACCESS! I recommend that you repeat this course once a year. Because this is the only course you'll ever need to manage your life and be laser-focused on building the stress-free life of your dreams. We view your purchase of this course as the start of a long-term relationship... and we view it as our duty to support you in making a major transition in your life.

BONUS 4: TEN (!!!) BONUS VIDEOS and THREE BONUS WORKSHEETS which address very specific topics such as: how to organize your emails, how to have a perfect meeting, how to prepare for going on vacation, how to write your own job description, how to say "no" and renegotiate a deadline...... and many other topics.

Follow the course at your own pace, in your own time.

Remember, the course has been designed to save you time right from the beginning.

A typical student who spends 4 hours per week, completes the course in 3 months.

Here’s why you’ll also love the “stress-free work” system:

  • Do you struggle with a full inbox? We will get rid of it, together!

  • No more guilty feeling! We created special content on how to say “no” and on how to renegotiate a deadline.

  • Don’t you know how to delegate? I will show you a simple technique that helps you get exactly the results you’re looking for.

  • I uncovered the most frequently asked questions about TO DO list and answered them all.

  • Will you become a meeting superstar? No more chaos, no more “What is this meeting about again?”…. I will show you what, why and how.

  • Want to know how using lists can make your life enjoyable also out of your office?

  • A special video dedicated to all of those who want to improve their relationships. Get more respect and improve your self-confidence.

  • Are you afraid to ask for help? I not only show you why you should learn it, but also HOW to do it without feeling ashamed.

People often note on their CV all kinds of skills... but what are the things that really matter?

These are just few of the skills you will learn… skills that you will benefit from forever.

  • Organizing your work and your life

  • Defining your goals and priorities

  • Making daily and weekly plannings

  • Negotiating deadlines

  • Saying “no”

  • Establishing productive relationships

  • Handling perfectionism and procrastination

  • Estimating the duration of a task

  • Focusing your attention on what matters most

  • Asking yourself the right questions at the right moments

  • Quickly relieving stress when you experience it

  • Dealing with emails

  • Having meetings that deliver results

You have a choice right now - invest in your future or find another reason for

buying this "later" (which will probably be never...).

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You made it all the way here, which shows that you want to have control over your work, be confident in your choices... enjoy your life with new found energy and direction.

You want to learn the habits of a stress-free life! Congratulations!


And today you got the unique chance to be among the first stress-free superheroes.

There is no more reason to wait...

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"How to work stress-free" is a revolutionary online course that shows you the one big skill that you didn't learn in school...how to be successful with zero stress.

With our 4 module online course you will get:

  1. Lifetime access to our online platform

  2. A total of 14 course videos, ranging from 13 to 29 minutes in length

  3. 14 powerful worksheets that show you HOW to apply what you've learned in YOUR situation

  4. Free templates that you can download and use in your own life 

  5. 10 Bonus videos with tons of practical tips and examples

  6. Lifetime access to our closed Facebook community (students do learning and teaching)

  7. Lifetime access to our coaching calls

You get immediate access to all materials, so you can do the course at your own pace.

Pay today and become a stress-free superhero for only 197€

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You made it all the way here, which shows that you want to have control over your work, choices...your life.


You want to learn a new habit of stress-free living! Congratulations!


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Until then... stay creative and stay stress-free!



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This is what Gareth, entrepreneur & dad to be, thinks about the

"How to Work Stress-Free" online course

Plus we’ve got a 60-day 100% satisfaction guarantee for you.

Try “How to Work Stress-Free” for 60 days…


… 100% RISK FREE.


If you feel like you don’t get 10x the value of the training material, email our support team (support@alexanderkeehnen.com) any time during the 60 days, show us that you actually did the work, and we’ll happily refund your full payment.


The best part is this:


If you think there is a slight chance that “How to Work Stress-Free” might work for you, you should enrol today.


Because you can try the material… and see if it’s right for you over the next 60 days. No guess work needed… just use the material and see for yourself.

If it works (and trust me, it did for everybody so far), your life will never be the same again.


You’ll that you get in control of your life and you can do what you like with that power. If it doesn’t work, email the support team, show us you did the work, and we’ll give you a prompt refund.


So, that’s why we’re happy to offer the risk-free 60-day guarantee.

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