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Time management is not the solution

29 Mar 2017

Today I saw this video in which Tony Crabbe presents a clear case:

Time management is not the solution for our stress problem.


Time management mostly helps us to schedule our work efficiently (to fill our agenda, which requires the same skills we need to play Tetris). Above all, time management confronts us with a painful fact each day:


There is not enough time to get everything done.


The result is that we work even harder and plan our days even fuller. Which makes us even more stressed.


What are we overlooking?


What about energy management, and in particular: attention management.


We should change the questions we’re asking ourselves from: “Should I go this this meeting yes or no?”


To: ”Is attending this meeting the single most important thing I could be doing right now?”


Because we can only pay attention to one thing at the time. (Marketers know this: they are fighting over our attention every day.)



Stressful = being distracted by everything that demands your attention

Stress-free = choosing what you spend your attention on (and knowing why)



Our online course “How to Work Stress-Free” is soon going into production.


You will be able to learn how to deal with feeling overwhelmed, how to deal with distractions and ad hoc assignments, how to make your to-do list, how to set priorities, etc…


We would like to learn about your biggest problems with stress and productivity at work so we can tailor the course exactly to your needs. So we designed the 3-Minute Stress Survey.


Would you give us 3 minutes of your attention?



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