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The secret recipe for peace of mind (4 tips you can apply today)


In this article I’ll share 4 simple yet revolutionary tips for a stress-free life. Tips that you’ve probably heard before but of which you’ve never grasped the enormous importance.


First I want to remind you of this simple fact:


A stress-free life is a happy life.


Why? Because when all our worries, anxiety, anger, fear and frustration disappears, only one thing remains:


Peace of mind.


Isn’t that what we all want?


We already have it, but we don’t recognize it because it often gets clouded by our thoughts and emotions.


So how do you do this? How can you achieve peace of mind and be productive and be stress-free and be there for the people around you and do things that make you happy?




That’s the secret recipe.




I will tell you later in this article. But first let me ask you: do you know what integrity means?


Many large corporations use this word as one of their core values, but I found that in practice nobody really understands what it means. You may hear people say things like:


  • Integrity means being honest.

  • It means being respectful.

  • Do what you say and say what you think.


Sure, these statements are all true. But they are not a complete definition. They are actually symptoms of integrity.


Integrity is a complex concept for our minds to understand, because it’s a concept which goes beyond our minds.


Here’s what the dictionary gives as a definition of integrity:

  1. The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.

  2. The state of being whole and undivided.


I found these definitions difficult to understand, so here’s a simple definition that you can actually remember.


Being 100% integer means: I am = I feel = I think = I say = I do


Take a moment to think about this definition. What it says is that to be completely stress-free, your behaviours must match your words, your thoughts, your feelings, and finally the point where it all starts: who you are deep inside.


You see… everything starts with “I am”. This is the truth. It’s the spirit deep inside of you. It’s the soft voice that tells you what is right and what is wrong. “I am” is our pure consciousness, our soul.


Master yogi Swami Kriyananda described what this implies for our “real lives”:

“Man needs to learn to change his focus from what he is aware of to what he is aware with.”


If all your feelings, thoughts, words and actions are aligned with who you are, you achieve ultimate integrity. This is the state that was said to be achieved by historical figures like Jesus Christ, Muhammed and Buddha. It’s the “state of being whole and undivided” of which the dictionary speaks.


“Ehmmmm OK Alexander, but what does this have to do with my work?”


Every stressful situation can be reduced to a lack of integrity.


Read the last sentence one more time, because understanding this will help you a great deal.


 I will give you some examples to explain what I mean by that exactly, but first there’s something you must understand.


You see… we are in constant interaction with the world around us. So much even, that we often ignore the world within us. In this figure I show you what I mean:


At work, we spend most of our time focusing on the outer world:

  • Producing things or services (“I do”)

  • Communicating: sending e-mails, going to meetings or just chatting (“I say”)


If we’re lucky, we find a little bit of time to think (“I think”). But how often do we reflect on our feelings? And how often do we reflect on that spirit deep inside of us?


I want to introduce you to Nikola Tesla, perhaps the most brilliant inventor of all time (no, he was not named after the car - the car was named after him). He said: “If you want to understand how the universe works, think in terms of energy and vibration.”


According to Nikola Tesla, what we are deep inside (“I am”) is a spirit. He says that we humans are spirits, pure energy that uses a body to interact with the world around us. Kundalini yoga calls this the “soul body”.


Knowing this, we can describe stress as follows:


Stress results from our energy not being able to flow freely.


In other words: when we force ourselves to behave in a certain way (when we let “I think” decide what we say and do) that is not in line with what our spirit and our body want, we create an energy block which causes frustration.


This explains why we experience stress when we do. For example:


  • Burnouts are caused when people work too hard for too long à what they “do” is not integrated with what their bodies “feel”.


  • Burnouts are caused when people do work they don’t like for a long time à what they “do” is not integrated with who they “are” deep inside.


  • When we lie to get what we want, we feel uncomfortable and restless à what we “said” is not integrated with what we “think”. Moreover, “I am” knows that lying is harmful on the long term.


  • Everybody knows that trusting your intuition leads to better choices than trusting your logic à because when you decide based on what you “think”, you are further from the truth (“I am”) than when you listen to the voice of your body (“I feel”) and spirit (“I am”).


Great, so how can we use this knowledge to work with no stress?


Using integrity as a strategy for your work will give you ground-breaking results for 2 reasons.


Reason #1: focusing on integrity enables your best performance


Why? Remember a moment from the past when you were exceptionally productive. Got it? OK, now remember how you felt and what you did. Let me guess, it was a moment in which you felt deeply INSPIRED.


During moments of inspiration, it’s your “I am” energy that’s flowing freely past your feelings (“I feel”), thoughts (“ I think”) and words (“I say”) and gets materialized through your actions. It’s as if all the gates are open and your spirit gets to express itself directly in the “real world”.


So then the question is… how do you enable yourself to have more of these moments?


Exactly… by learning to listen to your voice of inspiration. By consciously shifting your attention away from all your colleagues, emails and instant messages towards your inner world. By not accepting stress in your life and by creating free space in your daily schedule.


Want proof? Well… the article you’re reading cost me only two hours to write and review. All I needed to do was sleep late, not plan my day full with tasks and let the energy flow.


Reason #2: being integer enables magical working relationships with others


I once read a wise saying: if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.


You must use integrity to BUILD TRUST between you and other people. If two people are transparent about their inner world (their thoughts, feeling and inspiration), they will soon trust each other.


Evolutionary, our default setting is to not trust other people. Although the chance that somebody will murder you is extremely small, it’s always safer to stay away from them. This is what your body knows and is programmed to remember by countless years of evolution.


But… now that we know we are not our bodies… when our intentions are good we can now afford to be fully transparent with the people around us. Once you learn to do this, a whole new world opens up to you.


Really, this is a ridiculously strong SUPERPOWER to work with.


Because two people complement each other. They have different perspectives, skills, experiences, beliefs and histories. If you investigate the ways towards reaching your goals with two people in complete openness, there is no more room for assumptions and misunderstandings. All that is left is a pure combination of two people’s power to create.


When two people are integer with each other, you create synergy: 1+1=10.


OK, so what to do with this information in “real life”?


Let’s keep it simple. To live stress-free, you can start by focusing on these four principles.


  • When you feel stressed, make stress-relief your number 1 priority. When you feel stress, you feel an energy block because at some level you’re not being integer. If you don’t solve this, the energy block will continue to grow. Which means that you will get more stressed and achieve less results (until finally you burn out).


  • Always do what you say. It takes years to build a reputation and it takes seconds to destroy it. Always do what you say, because if you don’t, people won’t trust you.


  • When in doubt or in conflict, ask questions (“what, why, how, when, who”). Stop trying to solve every problem in your own head. Start asking questions. Also when there’s a situation of conflict. Remember: all you see are the behaviours and words of others. You don’t know which thought, feeling or inspiration is behind their actions and words unless you ASK. You will be surprised and find good intentions behind every action…


  • Always explain “why”. All that other people see are your words (“I say”) and your actions (“I do”). To build trust and enable synergy, you must explain them what your thoughts (“I think”), feelings (“I feel”) and inspirations (”I am”) behind your words and actions are.


Makes sense? If you’ve read this article this far, you sense that it’s true so deep inside you KNOW that you should do something with it and implement this in your own life.


So now it’s time to TAKE ACTION.


Here’s what you can do RIGHT NOW:


Write down the four rules for a stress-free life:

  • No stress allowed

  • Always do what you say

  • Ask more questions

  • Always explain “why”


Hang them at your breakfast table and at your workplace. Like this, you remind yourself of them every day. Read them when you start your day, before you read any email or instant message, so you start your day in the right mindset.


If you want to take it a step further, you can start a simple journal. At the end of each day, when you come home or before you go to bed, write about a moment in which you applied one of these rules and describe what happened. Your book of success stories will motivate you to continue building on these three simple rules.


Now there’s one more thing I want to ask you…


If you’ve read this far, it means that you agree that living by these 4 principles is better than not living by these 4 principles. If you think that this will help people’s lives, then help me by telling everybody about it… (it’s the integer thing to do, right? :) ). So please use the buttons under this article to SHARE my blog with everybody you know.


Then finally, if you liked this article… here’s something you should do.


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With love and enthusiasm.