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JT Foxx: America’s Next Billionaire tested against the Values of Stress-Free Success

28 Jun 2017


Prepare to take notes, because in this article you will find insights that may bring your career or your business to the next level.


Indeed, may bring you to the next level.


Because it only works if YOU take action and apply what you read.


You see… we all need people who can tell us exactly what to do.


When you’re young, it’s your parents. When you go to school, it’s your teachers and your friends.


When you start to work, you expect it to be your boss. Only… the bosses in this world are preoccupied… and soon you find out that you’re left alone.


More importantly, you must realize… there’s a limit to what you should learn from the people who coincidentally happen to be around you in this life. Because what if you “’learn” things from them which sound true at first, but are in fact holding you back?


To win at the Game of Life you must be very careful about who you choose to believe.


So what do you do? You must find role models to copy. And a coach to tell you what to do.


Every sports team has a coach. Every top athlete has a coach. Every top entrepreneur has a coach. Often multiple ones.


Many people find having a coach a sign of weakness. We turn this around: thinking you don’t need a coach is a sign of ignorance.


Everybody needs a person who knows what you need to know. Somebody who triggers you to take action and do the right things. Somebody integer, whose true VALUES match yours.


And so on our journey to show the world how to experience stress-free success, Lenka and I have started our search for a coach.


The number 1 requirement? Our coach must have a mindset that’s in line with the 5 stress-free values of integrity, empathy, contribution, patience and discipline. These values are the compass towards stress-free success, and we want our guide to use the same compass as we do.


A few weeks ago my wife and I met JT Foxx. He grew up as a stutterer. The people around him told him that he wouldn’t get far in life. That it was his faith to live a “normal” life at best, and he would be best off accepting that fact rather sooner than later.


Today, at age 33 he’s expected to be America’s next billionaire. That’s billionaire with a b… which means that he’s underway to make his 1000th million.


When you see a track record like this, it would be stupid not to listen.


And so Lenka and I visited JT Foxx. We listened to every word he said. We watched his body language. We listened to the words he chose. We listened to what he did not say. We listened to the beliefs through which he interprets the world. We listened to the intention with which he was saying what he said. And we took notes of everything worth remembering.


Within a few hours, we had made up our minds: JT Foxx is our guy.


His beliefs are the embodiment of the five stress-free values. In my notes below you can read some invaluable lessons for your life, business and career.


Take pen and paper and WRITE THIS DOWN. Because understanding and applying this brings your business or your career to the next level.



“You must speak straight from the heart.” (Focus on being rather than thinking or doing.)

“Don’t try to be me. You must be yourself or else you’ll lose your authenticity.”



“Focus on reading the people you’re interacting with.” (Get out of your own head.)

“I’ve tried being nice, but people get better results when I’m brutally honest.”

“If you have to explain what your product is, you have already lost.”



“Always aim to 'wow' the people you’re working with. Deliver more value than they expect.”

“If you take care of your clients, they will take care of your profits and your reputation.”

“If you give, you get much more in return.”



“You must always think 8 steps ahead.”

“Always be prepared so you feel confident about what you’re doing.”



“In the end it’s all about implementation.”

“If you take action and you don’t quit, you will be better than me.”


JT Foxx’s actions match his words. So far, in every interaction we got more value than we expected. He builds win-win situations in every business deal. He gives to charity. He makes it right when he believes he’s caused harm. He is not afraid to address sensitive topics. And he has numerous influential people who confirm our findings and vouch for him on camera.


“If JT Foxx is so amazing, why doesn’t everybody listen to him?”


JT Foxx operates from a higher awareness level than most people do. He operates from the heart rather than the brain, chooses long-term synergy over short-term profit. He does what’s best for people even if it temporarily hurts their egos. People who aren’t ready for this, whose minds aren’t open, easily misinterpret his honesty for arrogance.


Is JT the perfect embodiment of stress-free success? There’s no way to tell. Probably not, because nobody’s perfect. But it doesn’t matter. What matters is that he gets closer than anybody we know. So we will use his guidance to pull ourselves up to the next level.


If you’ve read this far… I have something personal to say to you.


You see… many people read my newsletters and blogs. Most stop after a few sentences... because they lack focus and commitment to their goals. Other people read the whole thing, and then lean back and judge: did I find it good or not - do I like what Alexander wrote? But they rarely APPLY what I tell them to do. It’s frustrating, because reading without applying is a waste of time.


I know that this is simply how the world works and that I have no choice but to accept it.


But YOU can be different.


You can take action and apply what you’ve learned. The choice is yours: will you grow or will you wait?


If you decide to grow, you know that…


You also need somebody who tells you what to do.


When you were young, you had your parents. When you grew up, you had your teachers and friends. Today, you still have people around you. But the probability they are your perfect coach is close to zero.


So go out there and look for your role models and coach. Maybe it’s JT Foxx, maybe somebody else. It’s different for everybody, and the only thing that matters is that they can show you the way to achieve your goals with (way) less effort.


But you must also realize…


A coach can tell you what to do, but YOU must ultimately do it. YOU must take action and get things done.


Which means that…


You must manage yourself. If you are your own perfect manager, you are always working on the right things at the right moment. As your own perfect manager, you must trigger yourself to think 8 steps ahead and contribute more value than people expect. Every hour you spend is focused on achieving your goals and exceeding expectations without experiencing stress.


Indeed, with no stress… because we believe that stress-free success is the only true success.


What if I told you that a solution exists?


A step-by-step program which is easy to apply in every unique personal situation.


It’s unique in the world.


And anybody can do it.


Anybody who is ready to take action.


Want to learn more? Visit this page: http://www.alexanderkeehnen.com/onlinecourseinfo-en.





P.S. If your colleagues, friends and family can benefit from this article, please share. You help them, you help me, and you help your own reputation. Thank you very much!

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