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How to 10x your productivity

17 Aug 2017


If you’re like most people I know, you’re busy…


You have too much to do, and not enough time to do it in.


What if I told you that a shortcut exists?

A shortcut which makes you 10x more productive.


And the best part is… it is 100% legal, natural AND free.


Imagine what you will do when you’re 10x more productive.


  • What would you do with your newly gained freedom?

  • What would you dedicate your life to?

  • Who would you spend more time with?

  • Would you stay in your job?


When you learn how to be 10x more productive, there’s really nothing you cannot do…


If it’s so powerful, then why nobody is doing it?


Because people spend too much time doing and not enough time thinking.


Because people lack discipline: even when they know about this strategy, “it just doesn’t happen”.


So how does this work?


All you have to know are the following 4 steps. These are the 4 steps of the stress-free work system. They are also the 4 modules in our revolutionary online course “How to Work Stress-Free”.


  1. Define your desired outcomes, what do you want

  2. Collect information, find potential routes to getting to your destination

  3. Decide, choose which route you will take

  4. Take action, do it with full engagement (and keep learning underway)


This is the BIG MISTAKE most people make:


They only work on step 4, over and over again. They work, work, work. Action, action, action.


Why would you run if you’re not even sure if you’re going in the right direction?


So let me ask you:


Step 1 (desired outcome): Do you want to 10x your productivity?


Step 2 (collect information): Congratulations! You’ve found the way to my free materials on how to work stress-free (by the way, no stress is key to 10x’ing your productivity – I’ll explain later.)


Step 3 (decide): Do you agree that learning about this will get you further than... not learning about this?


Step 4 (action): subscribe now to get my free e-book and email tips (it only takes 10 seconds).


With our newsletter we’ll also keep you informed about our brand new podcast “Let’s Talk About Stress, baby”. On behalf of you, my audience, I interview experts to get pragmatic advice on stress, productivity and habits.


Free coaching, for you to listen to in the car or while doing sports.


Because life is too short to live with stress.


Hope to see you soon!





P.S. I have shameless request for you... :) If you like this article: please share it with your colleagues on LinkedIn, or with your friends on Facebook. Thank you so much for helping us get the word out!


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