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3 lessons in negotiation I've learned from coach George Ross (former 42-year long right hand of Donald Trump)

13 Sep 2017



“Wise men learn from their mistakes, geniuses learn from other people’s mistakes” (JT Foxx)


That’s why everybody needs a coach.


Because life is too short to make unnecessary mistakes. Not having a coach is a waste of time and energy.


This week we were fortunate enough to learn directly from George Ross. The man that coached Donald Trump to being a multi-billionaire. A man who has seen it all.


By the way... this is not about politics… George was never involved in President Trump’s political aspirations. This is about business and about personal growth.


When a man like George speaks, I listen. And I write down everything that I want to remember.


Because you know… one good idea can save you months of your life!


Let me share 3 life-changing lessons in negotiation that I wish I’d known 10 years ago.


1. “Negotiation is the most important thing in your life”


Most people don’t like negotiation… but we negotiate since the moment we’re born and we cry to get mommy to feed us. Once you recognize the importance of negotiation, you can embrace it, try to understand it and become good at it.


Why is this so important? Because being good at negotiation creates something that everybody wants… freedom.


2. “First, become friends with the person you’re negotiating with”


Offer them a drink and show interest in who they are. Studies have found that the #1 trait of a good negotiator is their personality. More specifically… their likability. Because who would want to do business with a jerk?


3. “Negotiation is not about winning but about getting a deal that you can live with”


Negotiation is a sport, but it’s not about winning. Don’t look at what you don’t get, but instead focus on what you get out of an arrangement. If that’s an improvement compared to your current situation, why not just enjoy it?


Just remember that “the majority of people don’t know anything about negotiation”. The other person is probably even more afraid of negotiating than you are, so why not go for it and see if you can learn something from the situation.


Who knows… you may just end up with a better, richer, happier life.


Did you realize that you are in HUNDREDS of negotiations with yourself and others, EVERY DAY? Everybody is fighting for your time and energy, and if you care too much about what other people think, you’ll end up exhausted and unsatisfied.


It doesn’t have to be that way. All you need is to understand a few simple principles.


Click here to download my free e-book “The 20 Secrets of Stress-Free Success” to understand exactly how you can be successful with no stress.


With love and enthusiasm,



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