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Did you read Tony Crabbe’s book “Busy”? Implement Tony's method in 8 steps (step 1 is often overlooked btw)

29 Sep 2017


If you’re like 99% of people we know, you’re busy. You have too much you’d like to do, and not enough time to do it in. Am I right?


Here’s the good news: you’ve clicked on a link that will lead you to the solution. And you are more likely to succeed at being in control of time than most other people. Because most people are even too busy to do something as simple as clicking a link with a method to get whatever you want.


That’s because they got distracted and forget to think about step 1 of the stress-free success formula. With this 8-step formula you can implement EVERY principle that Tony Crabbe advocated in his insightful and eye-opening book “Busy”.


So here’s the thing: if you’re busy, you’re number 1 priority should be to solve your busyness. Right? Because then you will have more time and energy to spend on the things that you LOVE. Now check this out… this article happens to be your doorway to a non-busy life!


Because what could you ever want more than a non-busy life? A calm life where you’re in control. You no longer have a short fuse around the people you love, and you can spend more time doing the things you love.


Will you take the step and make a serious effort to get your life under control?


This is step-by-step how you implement Tony Crabbe’s ideal lifestyle in your own unique personal situation:


  1. Define your vision, values and your long-term goals

  2. Define your short-term goals

  3. Create a perfect to-do list

  4. Update your to-do list every day to align it with your goals

  5. Make a standardized weekly and monthly activity planning

  6. Manage your information and communication

  7. Take enough rest

  8. Write down every brilliant idea on your perfect to-do list


When you’re busy, you’re losing the battle against time and everything seems to happen at once. When you’re non-busy, you’re winning the battle against time. You take control over the events that are happening and start planning ahead. First hours, then days, then weeks, then months, then years.


Remember the video game space invaders? Then you know how it feels when they have almost reached you.


With the 8-step system above, you work proactively towards your goals. Instead of trying to work on as much a possible that needs to get done, you CHOOSE what to work on based on what you want to achieve. You become a master at saying “no” to other people’s requests, because you’re on a focused mission towards your goals. You can explain people WHY you cannot do everything they ask from you.


Do you see how this turns your complete life around? We've led many people through this door, and trust me: nobody ever wants to go back to their life of overwhelm.


Well, I have good news for you.


Recently, we’ve built an online course that helps you do EXACTLY THAT. Step-by-step (really everybody can do this) you implement the 8 steps to stress-free success in your own unique personal situation.


More on that later. But first, click here to request my free e-book. In this e-book we share the 20 secrets to stress-free success. You can implement these habits and decisions immediately to start seeing the first positive results in your life.


So no more excuses… the information is now served to you on a silver platter, now it’s only a matter of you DOING it.


What's a better time to start building a non-busy, happy life than right now?


With love and enthusiasm,

Lenka and Alexander Keehnen



P.S. This is what we do: we IMPLEMENT stuff. The world is full of good ideas, but information without implementation is useless. We work with companies and individuals implement whatever it is they would like to achieve. All they need is commitment and discipline, and we provide the steps to follow.


P.P.S. Want to know secret step number 9? The one powerful thing that accelerates the entire process? Get a coach ;)


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