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5 things you can do NOW to increase your sales

30 Sep 2017



In life, you can get anything you want by following these 3 steps:

  1. Decide what you would like to have

  2. Think of a way of getting it

  3. Do it


Who doesn't want what he wants? That's impossible. And with our creative minds we are always able to think of ways to getting what we want. So what's stopping us? Building your dream life is only a matter of no longer accepting your own excuses (what business coach Tibor calls your "ego-monkey") and false life rules (your "cactus").


Soon you'll hear more from coach Tibor in our brand new podcast "Let's Talk About Stress, baby!"


Now let's start with step 1: decide what you would like to have. I'm going to read your mind and guess... would you maybe like to increase your sales? Probably you do. Everybody does... 10% extra income never hurt anyone. Neither did 50% or a 100% revenue increase.


Cool, so that was step 1 – we know that you would probably like to have more sales. Now on to step 2: let’s think of ways to getting more sales.


Take a minute and ask yourself this question: “Which simple actions can I take immediately to collect information about how to make extra sales?”


OK, did you write down your ideas? Great!


I did similar thinking and this is the 5-step process that I came up with:


  1. Give your top 5 clients a personal phonecall and ask them what they need (and repeat this every month) – 1-2 hours

  2. Write a short article about the question: “What would make it a good investment for one single customer to pay [my sales target] for a product or service?” – 1 hour

  3. Have lunch one-on-one with each of the top 3 sales people in your personal network – 3 hours (but hey… you have to eat anyway)

  4. Call 3 people who told you “no” earlier. Ask them why they said no, just their honest feeling or opinion and no excuses such as no time, no money, I don’t need it, etc… - 1.5 hour

  5. Write down the top 5 ideas and write them on your to-do list. Immediately take the first action for each of the ideas (no matter how ridiculously small it seems) – 1 hour


OK now on to step 3: do it. If your ideas are better than these, then start with yours (and let me know what they are :) ). Either way, why not do all of it. Because only good can come from it, right?


Step 1 and 2 could cost you no effort but to read this blog. But step 3 is your responsibility. A coach can show the way and spell it out, but only you can actually DO it. Because your life is YOUR experience.


This maybe sounds strict, but really: we are just here to empower YOUR success.


So, are you in? :)


Take out your agenda, and block two hours per day for the coming five days. Start by scheduling your calls and meetings in a smart order, then work your way down the process.


Just do it. This week. Don't accept your own excuses.


Let me know how it went by emailing me at alexander@alexanderkeehnen.com.


Go for it, and have fun!





P.S. We empower YOUR success. As your implementation coach we help you get things done.

So ask yourself: what should be the next big step for your organization?

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