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What's currently your #1 goal at work?

Imagine how more focus, more structure and less stress will supercharge your mission to accomplish that goal.

To fit your unique specific situation, I facilitate several  programs with proven formats: workshops, speeches, group coaching and 1-to-1 coaching.

Real people who learned how to work stress-free:

Gareth, talent development coach:

Gareth (UK) is an entrepreneur, building a business in leadership development. Gareth’s life is fairly hectic while setting up a new business and having a baby underway. "The system exceeded all my expectations. It's like an operating system for your brain."

Barbara, HR Professional:

"Barbara (Belgium) was working for a fast-paced consulting company and she was planning a wedding. She had many plates to keep spinning! The “How to Work Stress-Free” course showed her how to juggle all of these things and focus more. Even better: she built a reliable reputation in her job.."

Simon, trainer/coach:

Simon (Belgium) is a youth coach. He wanted to organize his life and found that, the program actually takes you by the hand to truly implement new habits. His results were outstanding: increased well-being, better work-life balance, he exercises more, has more time with his family, he gets more done at work and contributes more to his colleagues.

Kit, regional sales manager:

Kit is from London, UK and he’s the regional sales manager of a Fortune-500 company. Kit is very driven and gives 100% for his job, but he found that the stress was getting the best of him. He found out that a few simple yet smart habits have drastically improved the quality of his life.

Ronald, transport planner:

Ronald is 24 years old and lives in Denmark. He was close to a burnout in the past, but with the “How to Work Stress-Free” group coaching program he became number 1 of his team. Ronald got rewarded a €1000/month salary raise, a promotion and a ticket to the company’s leadership development program.

Sofie, entrepreneur and mum:

Sofie (the Netherlands) is the owner of a lunchroom and a theatre where disabled people get the chance to integrate. She often felt overwhelmed and felt as if she didn’t get anything done. After learning the “How to Work Stress-Free” method, she feels so much more relaxed and in control.

Jonas, finance consultant:

Jonas (Belgium) is a financial consultant and he uses our system to keep track of all his commitments. He never misses a deadline and always has an overview of everything that’s going on.

Mikel, occupational therapist:

Mikel (the Netherlands) is a therapist who was recovering from a burnout. He found mindfulness and meditation very useful, but still it was hard to find the time to actually do it in. Mikel found that the “How to Work Stress-Free” program supported him to actually DO those important things.

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