Some word from the founder:

Nice to meet you!

My name is Alexander Keehnen, personal development junkie and founder fo WIN Mastermind. I used to have a promising corporate career, but several years ago I chose freedom and started following the path of my purpose.

I used to be a client service delivery lead, a program manager and a COO. Now I'm an entrepreneur and

mastermind facilitator and above all, I still prioritize my personal and spiritual development every day.

There are a thousand stories I want to tell you, but for now I'll stick to how WIN Mastermind was born. (If you want to know more of my personal background, check out the podcast episode at the bottom of this page or type my name into a search engine.)

The life lesson that inspired WIN Mastermind is my realization that learning is much more fun (and effective) when you do it together.

You laugh more, you see more, you understand more. We are made to live in tribes but we grew up in an individualistic society, programmed with individualistic beliefs.

When I took the leap and started as an entrepreneur (freelancer at the time) I first tried to do everything by myself. I bought courses, followed the steps and... I did not receive the golden mountains that I was promised in the sales talk.

But (especially when I just started out) I had nobody to consult with. No peers, no other entrepreneurs who are open to brainstorm together and help me figure out what needs to be improved.

I started going to networking events, mastermind retreats and invested tens of thousands of my hard-earned euros in business education and coaching, but I didn't manage to translate their lessons into business results in a way that feels right and authentic.

The business networks and mastermind groups I got involved with did not give me the level of depth I was looking for:

- brief and superficial interactions

- only a few events in a year

- more money-driven than purpose-driven

- all roads lead to one onreachable guru

- people making promises but not fulfilling them

And I kept asking myself...

Why should I figure out everything by myself when we can do it together?

An image started to form in my mind. An image of a special, more conscious, more awake, more purpose-driven group of entrepreneurs coming together to share what bthey know, whom they know and how they think.

What if we would succeed in getting that specific type of "awesome" person together in one network?


Win-win thinking





Evolved humans

When we all share our wisdom, experience and network, we all win, right?

Will business become a simple game of ask and receive?

Call me an idealist, but I know in my heart it is possible. Inside the WIN Mastermind events I have seen countless amazing connections and breakthroughs to prove to me that the magic is real.

The real question is: are you ready to open up?

Are you ready to admit you don't know it all, and have the humility to ask for support on your challenges?

But enough words. Words are just words. Experiences is where the real growth happens.

If you feel resonance, I hereby invite you to experience an Open Circle session and meet some of the WINners (and potentially other guests).

A podcast interview with Alexander:

In November 2020, WINner Jochem Doolaard interviewed Alexander Keehnen for the Dreambuildrs podcast.

Watch the interview to find out how Alexander's insatiable spirit for personal development set him on the path of his life's mission. Alexander shares the stories of his (sometimes unconventional) experiments and how he trains his mind and body to obtain optimal levels of energy and alignment.

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