How It Works

The purpose of WIN Mastermind is to provide space where magic can happen.

To achieve your next big goal every step along the way, you continously need access to one of these three things:

- Knowledge

- Network

- Mindset

WIN Mastermind is designed to be by your side 24/7. You can tune in to multiple events per week and establish 1-1 contact with other members whenever you choose to.

We facilitate virtual mastermind sessions, masterclasses, a year program, a lead generation program, accountability groups, coaching calls and multiple experimental events (new formats) each year. Currently all events are hosted online, while we are waiting impatiently to start hosting our local "roundtable networking" events again.

Most mastermind groups are built around one guru who supposedly has all the answers. In WIN Mastermind we recognize everyone as a thought leader in their topic(s) of expertise. This way, you have a direct connection with thought leaders who are willing to give you personalized support on the whatever is currently most important to you.

Continue reading to find out which tools and interactions WIN Mastermind currently facilitates for its members.

The business world is shifting to a new paradigm

Old Paradigm (scarcity-minded)

Profit first

Sell as much as possible

Protect knowledge

Pretend to be perfect

Us against the world

Hide challenges and fears

Work on individual islands

New Paradigm (abundance-minded)

Purpose first

Make a real-world impact

Share knowledge

Always open to learn and improve

We are all One

Shine light on challenges and fears

Combine our knowledge, network and mindset

What You Find Inside WIN Mastermind

Detailed Member Repository

We have an extensive member library (the Diamond Pages) with an overview of each member's skills and expertise. This is your "blackbook" of business contacts, fellow WINners who will gladly support you anytime you ask. Imagine the power in that... what if we all train ourselves to ask for help and use the abundance of knowledge, network and mindset around us to achieve our next big goal?

Finance / Facebook Ads / Press and PR / Customer Service / Sales Funnels / Marketing / Dropshipping / Energy Management / Etc... (whatever your challenge is, somebody is an expert at it - or can introduce you to one!).

Year Program

The WINners kick-off 2021 by sharing their top 3 goals for the year with each other. We come together once a month on Zoom to share our progress, our focus for the next month and how the others can support us.

Being intimately part of each other's journey has done a lot for our levels of clarity and confidence. Understanding we all have our struggles and sharing our tricks for dealing with them creates deep trust and friendship.

Members Whatsapp Group

Continue the conversation 24/7 also when there are no meetings. Ask the others for feedback on your new website / brand name / product line, ask for support on your biggest challenge, ask who can connect you with somebody who has experience selling businesses, share a recent achievement or an inspirational resource you found, etcetera...

The Whatsapp group is getting a bit small, so we may transition to a new platform in the next year. But for now, this is a great way to stay connected and have the mastermind in your pocket 24/7.

Two Mastermind Sessions Each Week

Every Tuesday and Thursday, Alexander Keehnen facilitates a mastermind call for WIN Mastermind members in Circles (on Tuesdays, up to 3 guests can join).

This is your opportunity to ask support with your current #1 business challenge and help others with their askings.

What do you need? Ask for it and history has shown you are likely to receive several golden tips and/or golden connections.

Weekly WIN Masterclass

On Tuesdays, WINners share their expertise in a 1-hour masterclass. Upgrade your knowledge on the widest array of business topics you can imagine. Examples of masterclasses we've facilitated:

... Optimize the performance of your team

... Energy management

... Storytelling

... Free press and PR

... Having better sales conversations

... Strategic marketing

... Facebook advertising

... The science of manifestation

and many many more (all recordings are available in our Knowledge Vault).

The Guardian Angel

Edina, our Guardian Angel, watches over all of our members. Think of Edina as a community manager on divine steroids.

Our Guardian Angel regularly reaches out to ask about your goals and your needs/askings. She introduces you to other WINners whom she knows will vibe well with you.

Even if you are busy/distracted for a longer time, our Guardian Angel proactively stays in touch and invite you to events you may find interesting.

(P.S. This is the level of customer service we recommend you to implement in your own business as well!)

The Knowledge Vault

Did you miss a masterclass? All good, the recording is available in the Knowledge Vault.

In the WIN Mastermind online membership area you find all kinds of knowledge and resources. For example:

... The WIN Masterclass recordings

... Mastermind meeting notes

... External resources (valuable and inspirational videos, PDFs, etc.)

In contrast to Youtube, these are validated business lessons by experts you can easily get in touch with (because they are fellow WINners)

Special Events and New Formats

Alexander loves experiments. Have an idea on how to create value with and/or for the community? Let's talk :)

Three examples of alternative formats we tested last year:

1) We partnered up with Jorinde Schouten to facilitate a 2-month program called the Asking Accelerator.

2) Bart Hoorweg presented a special edition mastermind called The Dream Machine.

3) Around Christmas we reflected on the year together and shared our gratitude and lessons learned

The LinkedIn Lead Machine

Many purpose-driven entrepreneurs who are starting out have a challenge finding leads and clients. WIN Mastermind member and experienced business developer Ramona Tufaru has offered to share her knowledge with the WIN tribe and has offered the 9-part program LinkedIn Lead Machine.

Ramona takes you and other WINners by the hand to strategically setup your LinkedIn profile, consistently build your brand and connect with potential clients and partners in the most positive way.

In-Person Meetings

Before the world changed in 2020, WIN Mastermind hosted regular in-person meetings:

Every two weeks a Roundtable Networking evening

Every month a WIN Members Hangout (in Amsterdam

Every quarter a full-day Roundtable Networking Event

But... not anymore. However we do encourage WINners who are close to each other to meet often in person, 1-1 or in small groups. Because especially in these times we need to stay close and keep each other sane.

How to Become a Member

WIN Mastermind is designed for purpose-driven entrepreneurs who are willing to share their knowledge and network when asked for it by a pure heart. WIN Mastermind is designed for entrepreneurs who believe we are all One and want to support each other all along the way.

Does this resonate?

Can you imagine yourself asking for support instead of trying to solve everything by yourself? ;)

Then let's meet!

We invite you to come and join our next Open Circle:

P.S. Are you excited about WIN Mastermind but do you not feel ready to actively engage?

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