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What to expect?

- Our Open Circle sessions take exactly 1 hour and are facilitated in Circles (an alternative to Zoom, for more interaction and focus)

- Alexander Keehnen facilitates the session personally

- You'll meet 3 to 6 other purpose-driven entrepreneurs from anywhere in the world

- This 1-hour format is designed to support each other and make new relevant and meaningful connections

- You'll get 10 minutes in the spotlight, where you can ask your biggest strategic question (really, you can ask the group for ANYTHING :) - introductions to leads, feedback on something you created, introductions to JV partners, tools and strategies for your biggest challenge, etc...)

- Afterwards, we send you a follow up email so that you have the contact details of all other participants

How Others Experienced It:

VIDEO: How Arjan was connected with a dream client shortly after his first Open Circle participation

Register Here:

* Note: registering takes a few minutes. We will use this information to introdce you to the community and attract members into the session who are passionate to support your topic or industry. Rest assured that we treat all your information 100% secure and confidentially - we do not share it with anyone outside WIN Mastermind.

* Instructions: the Open Circle takes place EVERY TUESDAY 7pm - 8pm (Amsterdam time / CET).

Step1: Please choose your Tuesday and enter the date above (format: dd/mm/yyyy)

Step 2: open your calendar/agenda and reserve this timeslot for the WIN Mastermind Open Circle

We look forward to meeting you!

Next steps:

1. In a few moments you will receive a confirmation email

2. In the period between now and your participation date, one of our Guardian Angels will get in touch to provide your personalised participation link and answer any questions you may still have

3. You show up and enjoy the ride :)

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