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What to expect?

- A 100% no-strings-attached 45-minute in-depth 1-1 Zoom call with one of our Path Advisors (on the photo you see Alessio Oliveri).

- Our Path Advisors are trained professionals who help you think strategically about your business and current challenges.

- Our Path Advisors are heart-centered individuals who want the best for you as a human being first and foremost.

- Whether WIN Mastermind is the right next step for you is a mutual conslusion you may or may not arrive at. Either way, we gladly give you this consult for free as it will help you make a positive impact on more of our fellow humans' lives.

- NOTE: in WIN Mastermind we don't waste time. Prepare to go deep. Prepare to be honest. Prepare to be asked the questions that matter most, but almost nobody dares to ask you.

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1. You will receive a confirmation email

2. Your Path Advisor connects with you via email and/or Whatsapp to agree a time for your 1-1 Zoom call

3. You show up and enjoy the ride!