How to Optimize the Performance of Your Team

By Leo Bottary, global thought leader on peer group learning

This free masterclass is offered to you by WIN Mastermind, the collaboration community of purpose-driven entrepreneurs and thought leaders from all over the world.

As WIN Mastermind members we come together to share our knowledge and network, so that we all grow our business faster than we would alone just by ourselves.

Once a week, one of the members hosts a Masterclass to share their expertise with the rest of the community.

On this page we are sharing the recording of Leo Bottary's masterclass on Peernovation.

What you'll learn in this video:

... Why teamwork is critical to your business' success

... The 5 factors of high-performing groups

... How to bring out the best in your team members

... How to inspire out-of-the-box problem solving

... How to get people to buy in to major (organizational) changes

... and tons of best practices you can implement in your own business and team TODAY

Now get your pen and paper and enjoy Leo's Masterclass!

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