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My name is Alexander Keehnen, founder of the "business tribe for givers" called WIN Mastermind.

For many years I've been obsessed with business optimization, masterminding and personal development. WIN Mastermind is the expression of my strong belief that we humans should just all work together, ask for what we need and give it to each other. Easy. Abundance for all.

So I created a "Worldwide Influence Network" (W.I.N.), to help your positive impact spread far and wide.

On this website you'll learn what it means join a business tribe and why it is so powerful - especially for purpose-driven entrepreneurs who are on a "solo" mission.

I will explain:

... what WIN Mastermind is, 

... how you can use it for your business growth and your personal growth, 

... what the experience inside the mastermind is like, 

... what other entrepreneurs accomplished through WIN Mastermind, and 

... what you can do to find out whether this is your new entrepreneurial home.

Simply said: WIN Mastermind is my collection of "awesome people" and your tribe of "peer consultants". Purpose-driven entrepreneurs who want to learn and grow and share their most sensitive challenges with each other.



Win-win thinking






The business world can be tough. Many of us have been taken advantage of because people misused our trust. To create a trusted business ecosystem, I created this a of givers who are working towards a world that works for everyone: a trusted home for heart-centered entrepreneurs.

We become who we surround ourselves with, so I surround myself with people who uplift me. Where I can be my authentic self without judgment. I feel safe to express any doubts or fears, and have open conversations about what works and what doesn't. There's continuous support and encouragement, and the willingness to answer any question you ask. Everyone is in it for the greater good. There is a safe space with no judgment, and and an enormous drive to learn and grow.

"What is the most valuable thing you received through WIN Mastermind?"


Founder of Motivated Minds (Personal Development Platform)

"How  do you experience WIN Mastermind?"


Author of Peernovation and thought leader on peer group learning

"What's the biggest lesson you learned through WIN Mastermind?"


NLP Trainer and Public Speaking Coach

"How did it feel to enter WIN Mastermind when you first joined?"


Founder of Delicious Life Coaching

"What is your favorite WIN-WIN so far?"


Founder of Delano PR (PR Specialist with 15+ years experience)

"What does your joint venture with fellow WINner Leo Bottary look like?"


Habit Expert and Founder of Worthy Tweaks

To me, it is really about the power of diversity and willingness to help. Every member has hundreds of valuable connections. And every member has collected a lifetime of wisdom and experience.

Now if we just ASK for what we need and then GIVE it to each other, we all achieve our goals much faster. That is how we create abundance. Together.

Different members use WIN Mastermind for different purposes. For example to:

... Get warm client referrals and increase your revenue

... Choose the best strategy to build or expand their team

... Learn about business, strategy, tooling and best practices

... Expand their services internationally

... Get back control over their personal time and energy (and relationships)

... Deal with a specific issue that's currently going on in their business

If you feel resonance, hear the calling and are ready to meet the tribe, I invite you to join one of our Open Circle sessions. Click the button below to see how it works:


WIN Mastermind has opened its doors for 5 more Talented Starters to join the tribe. Have you recently started your business and would you like to have access to the network and wisdom of dozens established business owners? Then check out this video!

What members have shared about WIN Mastermind

Do you feel like WIN could be your tribe?

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