The Business Tribe for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs

Nice to meet you!

My name is Alexander Keehnen, founder of this new paradigm business network.

Please allow me to be your guide today.

I'll try to be as efficient as possible while I explain:

... what WIN Mastermind is, 

... how you can use it for your business growth and your personal growth, 

... what the experience inside the mastermind is like, 

... what other entrepreneurs accomplished through WIN Mastermind, and 

... what you can do to find out whether this is your new entrepreneurial home.

Does this sounds like something that can add value to your business and to your life?

Then let's go!

Simply said: WIN Mastermind is my collection of "awesome people". Purpose-driven entrepreneurs who want to learn and grow and share their most sensitive challenges with each other.



Win-win thinking






In today's world it is not easy to be a purpose-driven entrepreneur and do business from the heart. Many of us have been taken advantage of, got burned in previous partnerships because we trusted others too easily. For this reason, I created this tribe of givers: a trusted place for heart-centered entrepreneurs.

We become who we surround ourselves with, so I decided to surround myself with people who uplift me. Because around these people I can be my authentic self. I feel safe to express any doubts or fears, and have open conversations about what works and what doesn't. There's continuous support and encouragement, and the willingness to answer any question you ask. Everyone is in it for the greater good. There is a safe space with no judgment, and and an enormous drive to learn and grow.

But enough of me. WIN Mastermind is all about the members, so I'll let some of the WINners speak now:

"What is the most valuable thing you received through WIN Mastermind?"


Founder of Motivated Minds (Personal Development Platform)

"How  do you experience WIN Mastermind?"


Author of Peernovation and thought leader on peer group learning

"How did it feel to enter WIN Mastermind when you first joined?"


Founder of Delicious Life Coaching

"What is your favorite WIN-WIN so far?"


Founder of Delano PR (PR Specialist with 15+ years experience)

To me, it is really about the power of diversity and willingness to help. Every member has hundreds of valuable connections. And every member has collected a lifetime of wisdom and experience.

Now if we just ASK for what we need and then GIVE it to each other, we all achieve our goals much faster. That is how we create abundance. Together.

Different members use WIN Mastermind for different purposes. For example to:

... Get warm client referrals and increase your revenue

... Choose the best strategy to build or expand their team

... Learn about business, strategy, tooling and best practices

... Expand their services internationally

... Get back control over their personal time and energy (and relationships)

... Deal with a specific issue that's currently going on in their business

If you feel resonance, hear the calling and are ready to meet the tribe, I invite you to join one of our Open Circle sessions. Click the button below to see how it works:


Until 31 December 2020, WIN Mastermind opens its doors for a maximum of 5 Talented Starters to join the tribe. Have you recently started your business and would you like to use the support of established business owners? Then check out this video!

So what is it like to experience WIN Mastermind?

It is all about human connection. You meet like-minded entrepreneurs in group calls and in 1-1 calls, have meaningful conversations and support each other where you can. Some members may become clients or suppliers. Anytime you need someone to talk to, there's an army of WINners by your side.

You'll also stay informed about how other members are progressing on their journey. We are really one team, one tribe, every step along the way.

On the right side you see a screenshot of one of our facilitated mastermind meetings in Circles (not Zoom). It is not uncommon to have a few good laughs during our meetings ;) 

If you are invited into WIN Mastermind and you decide to join, you are announced to the community in the weekly community newsletter and in the WIN Mastermind Whatsapp group. You receive the four weekly meeting invites: two facilitated mastermind calls by Alexander, one masterclass by another member and one sales training call by another member.

Any time, you can share your needs and askings with our Guardian Angel (community manager) and she will do what she can to connect you to the right person / tool / resource.

Four opportunities each week that you can tune in to for breakthrough insights and new connections for your business. Imagine what you can use it for. Your business is built first with your mind, so what would it mean if you have a mastermind by your side and you learn how to operate it for maximum output? It is like putting on seven-league boots. A 10x factor for your mind's creative capacities.

It is a must for every business owner to be part of a mastermind group. I designed WIN Mastermind to be the ultimate mastermind group for authentic givers who are truly open to share and collaborate.

Do you feel like WIN could be your tribe?

Come experience the action. Join a group of fellow purpose-driven entrepreneurs in a virtual mastermind call facilitated by Alexander personally.

You will get a 12-minute spotlight to ask the group your biggest strategic wish. Depending on what you ask for you can get referred to ideal clients, receive feedback or input on current challenges and have breakthrough insights about the most important topic that's currently on your mind.

Growing a business is all about having clarity and confidence... and that is what you get from an honest conversation with the mastermind - the unified mind when all participants focus their mental capacities together on your #1 strategic priority.

On the next page you'll see exactly how it works:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Psychological safety is one of our core values, so please note that everything we discuss during any of our interactions remains fully confidential.

We will not share anything you say externally without your explicit consent. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What kind of members does WIN Mastermind have?

A: Established business owners and thought leaders in their field with a growth-minded who love to collaborate and support each other on their journeys.

We currently have 45 vetted and validated members (dd 24 November 2020) who each committed to growing their own purpose-driven business and sharing their knowledge and network with the other members in support of their strategic needs.

Our youngest member is 20 years old and our oldest member is 67 years old. A balanced mix of men and women with members located in 14 different countries. Members' turnover ranges from €50k to about €2mln per year. Some have recently started their entrepreneurial journey, others have been active for 10 to 20 years already.

Q: Which benefits do WIN Mastermind members receive?

A: WIN Mastermind members help each other with all kinds of things. For example:

... Warm introductions to new clients

... Finding strategic parters and team members to grow their business

... Discuss doubts and challenges in a psychologically safe space

... Having access to a broader network of talented, smart, positive people

... Being able to connect and expand internationally

... Exchange ideas on how to have more energy and focus during the day, and get more done

... Receiving honest and in-depth feedback on their websites, funnels, lead magnets, etc.

... Helping each other define strategic priorities and discover new opportunities

... Helping each other with 1-1 call on Zoom to support with specific questions they have expertise on

... Keeping each other accountable to consistently practice a new habit or keep some other kind of commitment

... Showing each other the bright side of things when times are tough

... WINners like to share and comment on each other's social media posts

... Sharing business tips, inspirational videos, useful tools and apps, etc.

... Understanding each element of how to move a business from offline to online

... Doing a project together and/or adding value to each other's products and services

... Having meaningful, honest, deep (sometimes spiritual) conversations with other WINners

... Giving masterclasses, sharing valuable business and personal development knowledge with the others

... Hanging out at the park together

... and much more

Q: How does it work?

A: WIN Mastermind can be viewed as a "theme park" where we facilitate interactions continuously, so members connect in all kinds of ways with other members:

- We have the Diamond Pages with detailed member profiles so you understand exactly whom you can contact for what (and they will all be glad to hear from you!).

- We currently have 4 virtual sessions each week (all optional), to which members can tune in when they feel it's right for them. These sessions are all one hour in duration and include the Asking Circle, the Open Circle (each in which participants can take a 12-minute spotlight to consult the mastermind on a strategic question), the WIN Mastermclass (in which members share their expertise) and the Weekly Sales Training Call (member Ken Norman is a sales specialist and offers you free sales coaching).

- We send a weekly newsletter where new members, success stories, special askings, etc are highlighted.

- We have the Knowledge Vault membership area, with strategic brainstorm meeting notes, masterclass recordings and tons of other high quality business resources.

- We have proactive customer service people called Guardian Angels who regularly check in with you to ask how we can support you on your hero's journey.

- In locations where we have multiple members, members meet up informally (in Amsterdam we organize an informal members hangout approximately every 3 weeks)

- As an additional turbo we offer full Guardian Angel support (for a small extra investment), which means you have your own Guardian Angel calling you weekly for strategic thinking and accountability.

- Finally, the elite program consists of ten 2-hour calls (each month, mandatory attendance) and  Alexander himself is your Guardian Angel.

In the foreseeable future we will keep experimenting with new formats and different ways to interact. Currently on the roadmap: an All WINners virtual networking event, members being able to host their own weekly/monthly circle, promotional circles (small groups actively promoting each other's work).

Q: Can anyone join WIN Mastermind or is it invite-only?

A: Currently, WIN Mastermind is an invite-only network. Every member has been and will be personally vetted by Alexander and his team. This way, we increase the levels of trust inside the network and maintain a safe space for all WINners to share openly.

If no WINners know you yet, join an Open Circle and/or speak with a Path Advisor. When there is resonance and the heart says yes, an invitation is within arm's reach!

Q: What do you expect from a WIN Mastermind member?

A: First, ask yourself honestly: am I joining because of what I can get or because of what I can give? Most of all, WINners consider themselves givers and make an active effort to support others. Also, the system requires a certain level of emotional maturity and mental consciousness.


For example, in order to be ready for this depth of openness and collaboration, we need every member to be able to respond, not merely react to what is being said. Members are situationally aware, take nothing (OK... very little ;-) ) personally and speak clear words. Members understand they don't have to prove or explain themselves, are open to alternative viewpoints and suspend their judgment.

Q: What is the investment for an annual membership?

A: The annual membership price is consciously set to be significant enough to be committed to the network, whilst being very affordable for every serious freelancer or entrepreneur. For aspiring members who cannot afford the annual membership at once, there is the option to commit with monthly payments instead of a yearly payment.

If and when you are invited to the network, you learn the details of the three membership options: basic, growth and elite, and what the annual (or monthly) investments are. By then, you'll be having a better judgment of what WIN can mean for you and your business, so you'll be able to make the decision that's right for your specific situation.

Q: Do members earn a positive return-on-investment? 

A: WIN Mastermind is designed to be one of the most profitable investments possible for any business owner (especially if you actively participate and regularly say yes to our ever-continuing stream of invitations to engage). To find out up to which amount of money WIN Mastermind will be a profitable investment for you and your business, ask yourself this:

1) what is the lifetime value for one client?

2) and how many clients do you expect to gain through the WIN network, if you would ask the network for client referrals at least at one occassion per week?

(If you find question 2 difficult to answer, join one of the free virtual mastermind sessions to understand the dynamics.)

These questions only focus on one way you'll benefit from being in the tribe, but a lot more is possible.

If you are tight on cash and need additional income before you can invest, consider using WIN Mastermind as a tool to generate revenue faster. It is totally OK for you to go around asking for client referrals in your early phases of membership. We get it, we have all been in that situation (and some of us are). It is OK to be vulnerable and ask for what we really need.

For example: you can use the mastermind calls and ask specialized members for 1-1 advice/feedback calls to get clear on 1) your ideal client avatar, 2) your pitch and 3) your irresistable offer. Then when these are clear, you can ask the members for referrals and introductions to people who fit your ideal client description. Remember: your product or services is like a gift from the Universe for your ideal client, so our tribe of givers will gladly connect you with the right people!

Q: When was WIN Mastermind founded?

A: Alexander started this adventure in May 2019 after he was an entrepreneur for two years and didn't manage to find the right networking group... a place where he could be fully authentic and be around people who uplift his vibration. With zero money in his pockets, an open heart and a big mouth he started to organize events and test dozens of different networking and masterminding formats. Currently, WIN Mastermind is still in beta phase... frequently experimenting with new formats designed to create meaningful connections among members of the network.

Q: Why was WIN Mastermind founded?

A: WIN Mastermind's purpose is to support purpose-driven entrepreneurs in making a bigger positive impact faster. The world needs individuals who contribute to raising vibration and shaping a harmonized world. By collaborating and sharing, we all grow our positive influence faster. Alexander Keehnen recognized that no such network exists yet, and every fiber in his body told him that it is his divine mission to create it.

Q: What are some success stories that members experienced through WIN Mastermind?

A: At the bottom of this page we collected some video recordings and written texts from members speaking about their experience with WIN Mastermind. Enjoy meeting some of our WINners!

Q: Can I see who the WIN Mastermind members are?

A: We will woon make a page available on which we introduce (some of) the WIN Mastermind members to you. Right now, this page is not yet available, so your best next step to meet some of the members is to check out the testimonial videos at the bottom of this page.

Q: What is the membership price and where does that money flow next?

A: Visit this page to see the different membership options. WIN Mastermind is designed to be a not-for-profit organization. Membership fees are used to cover operational costs (software licenses, time of the community manager and facilitators), growth of the network (recruiter rewards) and everything that's left flows into a fund that will be used to invest in projects of members. 

Currently, WIN Mastermind is still operating at a loss and Alexander is accounting for this to keep the movement growing (in service of the greater long-term vision).

Q: In which countries is WIN Mastermind currently active?

A: The epicentre of WIN Mastermind is in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (with currently about half of the members). Other members are from the United States, Italy, Finland, Romania, Portugal, Estonia, Belgium, Vietnam, Slovakia, Switzerland and Malta.

Q: What is WIN Mastermind's long-term vision?

Our long-term vision is a worldwide network of purpose-driven individuals connected through an app.  This app will have a library of human capital, an event calendar, mutual ratings and reviews for events and members and a search algorhtyhtm that helps you connect to the right member at the right time based on what's relevant for you at that time ("connect me now with the person who can help me with x").

What WINners appreciate about WIN Mastermind:

Do you feel like WIN could be your tribe?

Then let's continue the conversation.

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