The Business Tribe for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur can be tough. You have a superpower you wish to share with the world, but to succeed you also need to become an expert at branding, marketing, lead generation, sales, funnels, communication, administration, management, mindset and many other things.

How do you find all of this knowledge? Simple, WIN Mastermind is designed to be your one-stop-shop. What started as a love-driven business network has evolved into a business family where everyone gives and receives personalized support on their businesses.

How it works:

We simply decided to bundle our powers and share our knowledge, network and mindset with each other. We use the power of mastermind meetings to generate superior solutions for any challenge a member puts on the table. Because together, we know everything ;)

Well, almost everything. Sometimes the answer is not so black and white. Sometimes we need more consideration, contemplation and understanding to figure out what is right for us. In these moments, we lend an ear, listen (really listen) to your story and we share our perspectives.

We become who we surround ourselves with. To succeed as an entrepreneur, we want to be our best self every day, over and over again. So we need to be around people who nurture us, encourage us, believe in us, lift us up. A trusted business family with whom we can talk about our deepest challenges and considerations. A tribe of fellow entrepreneurs, each on our own journey, sharing what we learn on our way.

WIN Mastermind is designed to continuously connect you with the right knowledge, network or mindset to achieve your next big goal. Every step along the way, you have the opportunity to consult inspirational peers, attend masterclasses, request 1-1 calls with experts in the field you want to learn about.

Continue reading to find out:

... how members experience WIN Mastermind,

... how you can use it for your business growth and your personal growth,

... which kinds of interactions WIN Mastermind facilitates for the members

... when you can come and join us in a virtual Open Circle to we can meet and mastermind around your project

Do you feel resonance and does this seem like a timeline you would like to explore?

Join us in one of our Open Circle virtual mastermind meetings, where several WINners and potentially several other guests will be present to mastermind together on how to achieve your next big business goal:

"What is the most valuable thing you received through WIN Mastermind?"


Founder of Motivated Minds (Personal Development Platform)

"How do you experience WIN Mastermind?"


Author of Peernovation and thought leader on peer consulting

"What's the biggest lesson you learned through WIN Mastermind?"


NLP Trainer and Public Speaking Coach

"What is your favorite WIN-WIN so far?"


Founder of Delano PR (PR Specialist with 15+ years experience)

"What does your joint venture with fellow WINner Leo Bottary look like?"


Habit Expert and Founder of Worthy Tweaks

"For me the biggest value is in the 1-1 connections"


Creator of the Limbic Performance System and Energy Coach to top executives and politicians

More than anything, WIN Mastermind is about bringing positive minds together in a safe space. And what emerges from there is always a surprise. Typically, these are the things members ask for when they receive the space to ask support on whatever they desire:

... Warm leads who can really use their help

... Introductions to amazing business partners and team members

... Personalized education about business, strategy, tooling and best practices

... National and international joint ventures

... Honest feedback

... Fresh perspective on any specific issue we need support with

Are you ready to meet the tribe and experience it for yourself?

The Open Circle is our a 1-hour format in which three guests get 10 minutes each to "make a wish" (ask for support). In those 10 minutes, the other participants share their best knowledge, network and mindset to help fulfil that asking. We never know what happens, but typically magical connections and creative solutions are what happens next.

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WIN Mastermind has opened its doors for 5 more Talented Starters to join the tribe. Have you recently started your business and would you like to have access to the network and wisdom of dozens established business owners? Then check out this video!

Do you feel like WIN could be your tribe?

Then let's continue the conversation.

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